6 Signs Intuition Is Talking To You

Updated: Feb 19

Listen To Your Intuition

It is only recently that I uttered the cliche to a friend in regards to a love dilemma "Just listen to your intuition", but it is easier said than done, when we are wearing our rose tinted glasses or we have to make a decision that can potentially cost us a lot financially, emotionally or even health wise. An important decision, purely based on intuition, without any logic or reason, can seem reckless to the logical, reasoning, thinking mind.

However, it is pure intuitive, non-logical data, which is the most reliable and the most correct.

Scientific geniuses such as Albert Einstein, renowned philosophers or even in today's modern business world, top business leaders, rely more on intuition than data or research.

"New research by Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Distinguished Chair of Applied Business and Finance at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and colleagues from Queen’s University in Canada (Yolande Chan, Tracy Jenkin, Dylan Spicker), Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland (Joanna Paliszkiewicz) and University of Rome, Sapienza in Italy (Fabio Babiloni) found that in a business environment increasingly focused on machine-generated data, intuition continues to play an important role in the executive decision-making process".

Pure intuitive data is always reliable

It is never intuition that is wrong, it is the way we interpret how intuition talks to each and one of us, individually. It is a lack of listening skill to intuition, misinterpreting intuition due to wants and needs, the inability to let-go of something, anxieties, worries and fears of the unknown.

Once received, intuitive data can be distorted by the busy over-thinking mind. Intuitive data is filtered through our inner filters through which we view the outside world with either rose tinted glasses or dark shadow glasses of fears, habits, traditional or old-fashioned beliefs, that we have been harboring since our childhood. It is all of the negative and painful experiences and memories that we have been holding on to. We have a distorted view of the world, which can prevent us from seeing clearly. And, seeing clearly is exactly what intuition is.

Seeing clearly, is the ability to receive intuitive impressions, symbols, signs and messages without any other influence. It is a unbiased impartial, objective view or vision, which has nothing to do with our memories or opinion of ourselves or others. It is simply pure information without logic or reason and it is not filtered through rose tinted or shadowed glasses.

Scientific research has proven that our electromagnetic heart has its own mind, which receives intuitive data one-second before the brain does. "This unconscious perception can be seen in subtle changes in our emotions and body. For example, changes in our heart’s rhythm can occur with an intuitive feeling".

It Is Not Intuition That's Got It Wrong, It Is Our Failure To Read The Signs

Intuition is never wrong. Its magical, intangible data is always 100% correct and reliable. However, a failure to understand the omens, symbols or messages, means that we didn't read the signs correctly, dismissed them or didn't act upon the sometimes subtle phenomenon.

Intuition can talk to us in so many different ways, but it can tailor its messages to us specifically, in a way, that we can comprehend, that this one particular message was meant for us.

A black cat, the raven, the mice or the rat will have a different meaning for each one of us. Intuition is not likely to send the rat as a warning signal to a rat lover who owns rats as a pet. Nor will it send a black cat as a negative omen to a cat lover. Intuition knows ahead of time how we, individually, will perceive certain signs and messages.

Intuition reaches much further though with its intelligence system being able to reach far above and beyond by answering in many different and complex ways, different pathways, simultaneously, as a puzzle, to which we are given the pieces through a spectrum that can amalgamate all of the messages into one.

It is inherently the most intelligent form of communication, yet invisible, intangible and it is able to give us information, ahead of time, without logic or reason. One of the first signs, that intuition is talking to us, is, that it doesn't make sense - yet! It is giving us a message, that we have no logical explanation or proof for, yet, we intrinsically know that this message is more likely to be the truth. We have an inner knowing.

"Everyone as intuition"

Everyone has a heart, therefore, everyone has intuition.

The Inner Intuition Blocks

Although it can be pretty much straight forward what an intuitive message is, we have to first become aware of the other voices which talk to us, for example. If we were brought up around superstitions or around religious doctrines, we might have inner blockages such as habits, beliefs or fears, which go against the belief of intuition. There might be a deep hidden belief that intuition is supernatural. We can also have fears around our intuition being actually correct, when the red flags give us that initial stomach turning feeling and we sense that we might not be ready to deal with worrying news.

Money and intuition brings a whole other level of additional challenges.

The old-fashioned beliefs around money are never ending, such as 'money is the root of all evil', or 'I can't be a good person if I want money', is another guilt ridden favorite.

“Even as adults, these experiences can often trigger upsetting and negative memories associated with money,” says Kwong". ( Scientific research has proven that by simply being shown money or a dollar bill, we tend to react more selfishly at an instant.

Unfortunately, it is exactly these influences, which will or can influence the way we perceive intuitive messages. They can be invisible filters to doubt intuitive data or to to muddle up the information with habits or beliefs, but, this is exactly the reason why we need to be clear on how our intuition talks to us and what to watch out for by acknowledging some simple signs:

Ask Questions

"If you don't ask, you won't get", applies as much to intuition as it does with everything else. Intuition can try to get our attention, but if we ask specific questions and then look for signposts, we are training our invisible intuitive network to communicate with us - therefore - expect an answer. Record the answers in a journal and remember that sometimes our intuition starts with the smaller less important messages merely to say 'Hi'! It would be too risky to give us a big job to train ourselves. Start small and build up.

1) Listen To The Very First Thought Which Comes To Your Mind

Knowing that the electromagnetic heart-mind receives data one second before the brain does, reconfirms that the very first thought we receive, is an intuitive thought. After the first thought is received, the thinking mind goes back and forth to evaluate this thought by being logical and rational or doubting its intention as genuine by overshadowing it with old fashioned beliefs, habits or fears and worries, that such random thought has no ground to be trustworthy. Don't fall for it!

2) Random 'Outsider' Thoughts Are Intuitive Thoughts

Any thought that appears out of the blue as an 'outsider' thought is usually intuition. We tend to think that we have thought ourselves to the outcome, but, if it is something random that pops into your mind, whilst thinking, then it is more likely to be intuition. Let's say you walk in the street and you let your thinking mind flow and suddenly a train of thoughts pops into your mind and you think of a person. Six hours later that person contacts you after months of no communication. This is intuition and not a coincidence. Unfortunately our reasoning mind can file this under 'not important' stuff. Yet, as I've said above, we need to train our intuition with the unimportant matters so that we do not lose out or have to take a big risk.

3) You See a Fuzzy Image In Your Mind

Understand that there is a fine line between psychic vision and intuition. The psychic vision is often portrayed as intense, as a clear vision. This can be far from the truth. When we get a psychic vision it can be very quick, a one second image, which is usually fuzzy and unclear, yet, we can be sure of what we have seen in the mind's eye. It is exactly for this reason that we can easily dismiss this experience as 'unreal' or 'unrealistic', because it doesn't make sense at the time. Journal the visions. For all you know the event might be happening a few months later, by which time you might have forgotten about it.

4) An Eerie Sense Of Knowing

This is undeniably a strong feeling, a sense, that something is up. The uncanny feeling of worry, feeling unsettled about a situation is possibly one of the most impactful as it tends to nag at us consistently until we pay attention. We might already have a sense that something unpleasant is lurking beneath the surface, and, this usually means, that indeed, something might be hidden from us, that is not out in the open yet.

5) The Repetitive Nagging Thought

The beauty about intuition is that it can act as an inner alarm bell. If we fail to listen to that initial thought, vision or feeling, it will keep coming back over and over again until we listen. Pay attention though, because again, this is usually the one random outsider thought which squeezes itself in between all of the other stories and thoughts happening in our mind. If it is nagging and repetitive, it is trying to get you to listen.

6) A Sign Or Omen Through An Outside Event

These are not the superstitious type of omens. The Universe talks to us through outside influences, the things that we notice. This is an exercise you can easily practice at home or whilst out and about. Everything that we personally notice, matters. The animals, the colors, whether it is a word, a sentence or a billboard on a bus, a song or even something on TV. What we notice at that particular point in time has a meaning for us and it usually answers a question that has been on our mind at that point in time. It's like asking the Universe a question and then paying attention to what we notice first. How is the Universe sending us a message and answering our question? Is it a color, a smell, a taste, a sign, a sound or a feeling? Write the impressions, the things that you notice down as a story and pay attention whilst writing where your attention is drawn to. Is it a book on the shelf? What is the title? Are you reminded of a person? What are you supposed to learn from that character? Does a thought pop up in your mind? What is it?

The beauty of intuition is that it talks to us in so many different ways and forms, that it can be accessible to each and one of us to the best of our ability. As with anything, some of us are better at listening, visions or intuitive thoughts, whilst other may have a natural affinity with feeling, smelling or tasting. We tend to have a couple of senses which are more prominent than others.

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