A Peek Into Past Psychic Insights On Bitcoin & Crypto With UK Psychic Medium Clare

Updated: Feb 19

The Future Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Having recently re-opened our Patreon hobby channel again for our past loyal fans, we thought, there is no better time than now to recap on some past predictions, which we had been posting since late 2018.

Low and behold, every Psychic has an area of expertise and an innate gift of being able to read deep into people, personalities, events, markets, businesses, career, and now, it seems, even #Bitcoin & #cryptocurrencies.

After having know Clare for years, who has now become one of my most trusted friends, and having seen many of the readings that she has provided unfold, I eventually asked Clare if she would be able to get insights into cryptocurrencies. He first question was "What is cryptocurrency?" and "Why am I seeing coins and different colors?"

A Down-To-Earth Psychic Medium Who Sees It As It Is

The cynics of this world seem to have the belief that Psychics are a con and use Psychology by asking many trick questions. As our loyal followers know, this couldn't be further from the truth. A Psychic will get better results by knowing as little as possible in advance and by purely relying on the insights they are given, without any prior knowledge. It seems to be working wonderfully in regards to cryptos for Clare, working on a market in which she has no personal interest invested, but, also has no knowledge about.

Her insight about certain #crypto coins or tokens, their background, or even their team by simply being shown a logo, no name - have been nothing short of valuable - without the wants and needs of personal financial gain. Andy many psychic insights are now coming to fruition and it is mind blowing!

Understandably, we wanted to recap on some of the predictions which we published on #Patreon in late 2018.

A Few Snippets Of Past Psychic Insights

Here's what Clare has had to say: "There is going to be a huge hoo haa around cryptos. Literally, through the courts and people trying to shut down all these currencies, but, it is far too gone already and the people will be stronger".

"It will replace normal forms of currency in the future. It will be a massing thing within the next 3 years. This is just the beginning"

"It feels like initially people thought it was a scam, the cryptocurrency. The US and UK governments are going to fight to stop online currency (Donald Trump spoke very negatively of Bitcoin and crypto in public only recently!), but I think the people will overrule in time".

"I feel like China or somewhere in Asia they will really back it (China recently announced the adoption of cryptocurrencies and note that this was published in 2018). We need to overrule the governments".

"I feel there will be an increase in the crypto market in general. March is down (2019) and again in April it is up in 2019 (it is exactly end of March/beginning of April that Bitcoin began its first significant rise since it's all time high and imminent crash since December 2017)".

"For now, I don't see a crash coming (please note that the word crash is relative!), more like pretty much staying the same, then a dip, then a jump".

(As you can see from the chart below, nothing happened for about a month, starting from 1st September, then a dip, followed by a steep rise from about $5000 up to around almost $15000. We are now in a new cycle....but, that's another story and we have recently posted new predictions on Patreon).

We have to take into consideration that when a Psychic sees a chart, it may be perceived differently by individuals and is relative to perspective. When Clare has seen a dip in the past, which appears like a dip on screen, the whole market was screaming 'crash', 'blood in the streets', 'Bitcoin is dead', etc.

Another time Clare went on to say: "The house of the rising sun, gentle wisps. As I am linking in with Bitcoin, I feel Spirit here very strongly and I know I am preaching to the converted again and again, I've got to say, I am about as knowledgeable as a broom handle on the subject, that Bitcoin itself is a powerful entity in itself. Forceful, powerful".

"They control the market, as I am sure, you are more than aware of. The problem with the crypto market is the battle behind the scenes"

"It needs to be regulated in ways, which protects the consumer, the investor. I'm not talking about protecting you from taking risks, it's a gamble! But, where your money is stored/held, needs to be regulated with strict regulation and legislation. One of the reasons not more people are investing right now is because of the lack of security. Once, there is a security and regulations in place, nothing will be stopping cryptos."

"As I linked in with the Bitcoin logo this time, as I mentioned above, I am being made aware that it's a tricky situation. Bitcoin NEEDS to control the market, and, in the long run, it's a huge benefit, but, in these early stages, it is a treacherous time for many coins. Sink or swim is the message here"!

"The governments have and are losing power all over the world"

"The people are talking with their feet! They are coming away from the mainstream and not doing what they are told. They do not want to lose control, the battle is how much power they get. If you are curious as to if cryptocurrency will cease to exist? NO! It won't! It's going to get stronger (please take into the consideration that this DOES NOT mean that there won't be volatility or downtrends - this is all part of the control to try and scare the general public away from investing and cryptos to become mainstream) and stronger and you, the followers who have seen, felt, won, lost and LEARNT, are at an advantage. It is still the early stages (even now), but, believe me it is getting stronger".

"It is life-changing and Bitcoin is behind all of this. The guy is a sheer GENIUS! (Note, that thus far obviously no one knows who #Satoshi Nakamoto is!) And, his team are small. But, do they have the power to manipulate? Hell, YES! Are they corrupt? Not in the way that our bankers are! They are looking to change the future...for your guys to fathom out. This guy is ultra intelligent and I see him being connected to America and I see Middle East and Asian connections, but I'm not sure in what context. I don't think the person behind this is as old as me (42). The person is very 'Banksy' and will remain anonymous".

Follow this link for our Satoshi Nakamoto prediction, one of which has already unfolded:

For those of you who don't know who Banksy is, he is an anonymous UK based street Artist:

I don't think Spirit could have used a better symbolic comparison for Banksy...

Hitting The Nail On The Head

Most recently #Psychic Medium Clare gave us some insight and predicted the US riots coming up, things going to the **its in June 2020, because people will have had enough by then! She also predicted months ago that there was something brewing beneath the surface which would quickly make the coronavirus pandemic secondary news and all will be forgotten and brushed under the carpet.

The world needs change. People are fed up. The financial system is changing and cryptos are predicted to go nowhere. Watch this space!!!

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in finding out how Psychic Medium Clare works, then follow this link: A bit about Psychic Medium Clare and how she works:

We have recently posted #Bitcoin and #crypto updates! There might be a little shake up around the corner for Bitcoin & cryptos, but, either way, Clare has previously been adamant that for some reason BREXIT is related to the market not having moved forward much. Once BREXIT is done we should see some positive changes.

For now, stay positive and view any market 'downs' as an opportunity to invest. A time is coming soon where many scam coins will disappear.

" 2020 is separating the wheat from the chaff, its a big cleanse taking away some of the coins that are not successful either due to lack of investment, advertising, etc."

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