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Updated: Feb 19

Are You Ready For A Psychic Medium Reading?

Psychic Medium Clare is one of a kind, having recently predicted the Bitcoin crash down to $4,000, but she is making her name across the world providing online readings with astounding accuracy with her psychic predictions.

As of late she is on fire and has been wooing, surprising and shocking clients with an accuracy rate of 95% whether it be her psychic ability or her fascinating Mediumship ability of communicating with Spirit or those that have passed, but Clare's success rate and accuracy has been recognized for many many years.

The feedback is flooding in and it is nothing, but positive. The proof is in the pudding! Mediumship readings can be extremely healing and comforting.

To have a message from the loved ones that have left us is nothing but out of the ordinary and valuable. Most certainly when sudden events have occurred and many important messages were left unspoken.

Psychic Medium has the ability to receive and pass on messages that will leave you gobsmacked, with very insightful and specific evidence.

Clare wins over anybody with her genuine kindness and wanting to help those looking for reassurance and guidance, whether it be on a professional or personal level. She has a tendency to go above and beyond during a psychic reading and no matter how many questions you have, she will answer those that weren't even asked!!!

Spirit comes from love and it will never be anything else, but a down-to-earth and a no non-sense experience. There'll be no hype, only what she sees and feels from Spirit for you! 

If you are concerned or worried or feel you need to read more in depth please read our post on Scaremongering!

The human mind has a tendency to want to rush live and have immediate evidence or proof. You will be given plenty of proof during your reading with mind blowing evidence, but there is one thing that the spirit world is adamant about, there is no money in the Spirit world and timelines are not to be relied upon. To find out a more in depth explanation read:

Will We All Become Crypto Millionaires? Wouldn't It Be Great?

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It is a free and no-obligation membership in which we converse, communicate and support each other or we may even share a recipe or our spiritual journey.

You will be able to ask questions and get acquainted with us first! It's a fun group!

Before You Make Up Your Mind, Read Some Of The Recent Feedback

Book A Psychic Reading

To book a reading either join our DISCORD group or email Clare:

How Much Does A Reading Cost?

For our Patron Members: $55 (Dollars) or £45

Please contact Clare via our Vibes & Visions DISCORD. If you message her in the #private-reading-with-clare section, she will recognize you as part of our group.

For all others: $65 (Dollars) or £55

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Speak soon!

Sandra & Clare

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