An Insight Into Past Psychic Predictions on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies With Psychic Medium Clare

Updated: May 29

In 2018 we opened our Patreon channel on which we posted blogs and psychic predictions on the markets, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Many Psychics had done the same, but unfortunately the timelines had been somewhat 'off' with their predictions and 'followers' were left frustrated and in limbo, but this is not because the predictions were wrong, because, anyone in the business knows, that it is very hard and almost impossible to continuously predict timelines, numeric figures and numbers.

We have always been against it for numerous reasons, one being that there are followers who take symbolic messages literally, will go out invest on that basis and possibly lose money or sit on their investments a lot longer than they had anticipated. Out of sheer greed, financial despair and difficulties many cling on to every word a Psychic says.

Posted +++ 17th December 2019 +++
"Bitcoin has had a slight drop, as we have been expecting, but this is not the drop yet that WILL SCARE PEOPLE (as explained above).
Clare thinks that it could go down to £4k, but not £3k.

Note: Bitcoin dropped down to $3,800 in March 2020

We were very aware of that, but also psychically, Psychic Medium Clare was able to pick up that the crypto market would not move as quickly to the new all-time-high as many had been expecting. We spent a lot time nurturing the damaged souls and reassuring them that nothing it lost, it just require more patience than anticipated.

We are very big on repetitively keeping everyone updated on do's and don'ts and general housekeeping to avoid going into trading and investing blindly and hence we published "Why It's Best To Stay Away From $$$'s and numbers".

As I was going through all of our predictions on Patreon the other day and gathered all of the past predictions which have been a positive 'hit', it became apparent that in comparison to many other predictions, Psychic Medium Clare has continuously correctly predicted the moves of the market and Bitcoin, amongst other things.

Yes, it can be vague, but we do not want to influence individuals with figures and numbers. No matter how many times we stress not to rely on timelines, people have a need to believe and blindly trust that which they want to happen.

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