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An Insight Into Psychic Mediumship

My First Psychic Experience

I had taken a train ride up from London down to Southend-On-Sea and I was waiting nervously in front of a pink house amidst what seemed to be a fairly decent row of Victorian built properties. It could not have been more clichéd. I rang the door bell, there was no answer for a while until a tiny woman with straight dark hair and a missing front tooth opened the door for a second, "I'm running late. Wait here!", without any greeting or introduction. The door was shut again as I continued to wait outside in a slight drizzle of rain.

It was my very first visit to see a Psychic in the year of 2001. Her name was Linda Dawkins who came recommended with a long waiting list.

Linda came with the recommendation that she was scarily accurate, and if the info didn't make sense right there and then, it would do so later. She didn't charge much in comparison to others and Linda also stressed that she did not like anybody returning for a second reading so soon after. "You have to let things happen. You have to let life happen", she said as she confirmed that she would tell me the future for the next ten to fifteen years. Blimey! That was scary!

It was finally my turn and as I sat down anxious and not knowing what to expect I naturally scanned what appeared to be her lounge. A cat jumped on the table, as I have said it couldn't have been more clichéd and I spotted a bunch of old frazzled tarot cards. My heart was pounding.

She didn't ask any questions and she didn't want me to interrupt her either. As she was walking the room, she started talking about my life, my deceased grandparents, in particular my grandfather who was apparently wearing a soldiers uniform stood there next to my grandmother, in the room. I glanced in the direction, but could see nothing.

"Your grandparents are standing over there!"

She picked up that I haven't had it easy in life and randomly blurted out that she saw me playing on a rail track with a couple of boys when I was a child. She mentioned my divorced parents, the exact relationship I had with each of them including stepparents and my relationship with my half-brother and half-sister. She described their personalities, their issues, their relationship status, future relationship statuses, etc.

Having moved over from Germany to live in London fifteen years earlier, she mentioned that I was supposed to live in London, but that I knew that anyway. I did indeed, it was my path. I was only meant to stay for one year, but living in London felt like home.

She laughed at my love life with a cheeky smile and said there were quite a few, but in particular an ex who I would randomly bump into soon. She told me that if it was her, she wouldn't cross the road for him, because he can be aggressive, but I shouldn't worry because it would be fine. I reassured her that there was nothing to worry about because he had moved to the Netherlands and I hadn't seen or heard from him in two years. I had no intention of meeting him ever again. There was another 'boy' who had a bit of a drinking problem, but he would be fine and he would be back at some point with the words "I love you". I reassured her that would not be happening, because he had just moved in with his new girlfriend.

As I was relaxing more and getting more comfortable with her style of random statements, she picked up on my health. She did have a tendency to jump from one subject to another, so it could get a bit confusing. "I see you worry about your health, something in your stomach area, but you'll go to see a Doctor and they'll sort it out", she reassured me and continued. I was relieved, because it had been something that I was seriously worried about.

"I see you working in Media and surrounded by famous people, but the British media isn't great". I confirmed that I was indeed working at a Media Agency, but I said that she might get confused as I had just been to Madame Tussauds, which is full of global celebrities replicated out of wax figures and I had taken many pictures.

She went on to say that I was quite psychic myself, that I had a gift, but I declined that statement immediately with an affirmative "I don't think so", and we moved on to something else. The bombshell was Psychic Linda insisting that I would be writing in the future, because it was another gift that I had, which would develop later. I couldn't have been more convinced that she was wrong again as I had never been told that by anybody and most certainly not at school. In fact, I hated writing. Yuck! Writing sucked!

There were many other details which left me speechless, but which I can't talk about in an open public forum.

To cut a long story short, unbeknownst to my parents of course, I used to play on a rail track with the two neighbour's boys.

A week after my reading I was stood at a traffic light in London (and yes, London is big!) during my lunch hour and as I turned around, there was the ex stood right next to me who had returned from Holland. It took a good half an hour to get rid of him.

The other 'boy' revealed a few months later that he had regrets and as we were sat on a coach after a work party he blurted out "I love you".

I stayed at the Media Agency for 16 years during which time I met many celebrities including Richard Branson, but also during this time my best friend from school became a famous actress in Austria and Turkey.

I bought my first pack of Tarot cards and with a bit of Remote Viewing training I began to provide Readings, quite successfully. I have developed a passion for anything psychic and intuition having had many spooky experiences.

My health issue got sorted by the Doctor without any complications and a few years ago I wrote my first book which is published on Amazon.

We must not forget, that having had a psychic reading we have to allow time and life to actually happen. This can take weeks, months or years. Timelines don't tend to work out with Psychics, from my experience, even if they are given, but this does not mean that it won't. It will happen when the time is right.

Don't Rely On Timelines And Numbers

I am now sure that that one thing that Linda knew, was the fact that psychic predictions can take years to unfold and come true. Often we will have a reading expecting those insights to unfold in the immediate future or at least within the year or two. I am older and wiser now and I know that this is not the case. The most gifted Psychics will be able to provide insights will may stretch years into the future. Linda got it right, by forewarning everyone that she will tell you insights for the next ten to fifteen years.

The human mind can't comprehend something which is not backed up by logic, it wants the predictions to come true there and then, as soon as possible, but this is not how life works. If anything, as we get older we get to understand that for most of us it hasn't panned out that way we thought it would.

There is always another surprise around the corner.

Without doubt, twenty years later, there are still a couple of predictions outstanding, but because I have heard similar outcomes from others, I know they will come true.

What I didn't expect were all the other things which happened in my life. The glitches, the unexpected, the twists and the turns. And this is how life should be, a mystery!

The Negative Press Around Psychics

The sheer controversy of going to see a Psychic as a plausible and seemingly sane individual, tends to divide groups into the full blown believers, the undecided and skeptical, but willing to hear more, and the blatant "Urgh, what bullshit", non-believers, who will never be swayed by their view until the heavens open up and God appears directly to them, the chosen ones. LOL!! Ultimately, what it boils down to is proof for such ability or the lack of proof for this mysterious phenomenon that many cannot comprehend within their realm of perception.

It is quite remarkable how opinions seem to blow in different directions about this invisible inbuilt, innate phenomenon, that we actually all possess within, to different degrees.

We are inherently haunted with old-fashioned images of the eccentric fun-fair tarot reader, they crystal ball and spooky black cats and fear - the fear of the unknown and the fear of bad news.


The witches' stigma is still lingering of being burnt alive at stake for possessing supernatural powers. The sheer fact that the punishment was indeed death, merely confirms the belief in this invisible power. Albeit, the term witchcraft is usually seen as a negative instead of a life enhancement of herbal, healing and love potion's powers. It is curses over positive spells. Fear over love.

Billions of religious followers believe in God, again, an invisible entity which the human race has used to control, install guilt, fear, a belief in miracles, a belief in a supernatural power, and is to this day used and abused for control and power. We have even gone as far as integrating 'An act of God' in law: "An act of God may amount to an exception to liability in contracts or it may be an "insured peril" in an insurance policy".

Once we steer away from all of the illusions and outdated beliefs and take a more grounded look at the benefit of a Psychic Medium reading, and understand our own innate powers, we can begin to understand how beneficial a psychic reading or insights can be to help us along on our spiritual paths.

"Everyone has intuition!"

The truth is that we all have intuition and we all have an underlying psychic ability within, to varying degrees. If we counted and kept track of all of these experiences and stopped dismissing them as nonsense, a coincidence or the mind playing tricks with us, then we would have more proof. There is a very fine line between intuition and psychic ability. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. It is an innate inbuilt gift which we can nurture and expand to use as our most reliable companion.

The Perception Of Psychics Is Gradually Improving As Humanity Grows More Conscious

One of the issues that Psychics, Psychic Mediums, Intuitives, Tarot Card Readers, Remote Viewers and basically anyone attempting to predict the future is, is that in most cases the human mind wants and needs immediate proof. We want an outcome, a manifestation of what we have been told. The problem with that is, that we have to let life unfold and give it time for those predictions to manifest. Each prediction will come to fruition at different times of our lives. Some take weeks, some take months and some can take years, even, as you have seen above, as long as ten or twenty years.

It is of course charlatans, unprofessional Psychics or indeed those who give bad earthshaking readings, which scare the hell out of people, are insensitive or they are indeed just incredibly bad at their job.

If you want to hear more about timelines, figures or numbers in psychic predictions than you can get a deeper insight into this article which touches on a Psychic's favourite question, "Will I be rich?" I hope you see the pun there?!

Will We All Become Crypto Millionaires? Wouldn't It Be Great?

With psychic insights, there is an expectation that every psychic reading and information has to be 100% accurate and correct or else it might be deemed as 'faulty' or not reliable information.

However, tell me a professional that is 100% perfect at their job every single day, doesn't have good or bad days, rubs some people up the wrong way or finds it easier to connect with some people more than others. No logic, no reason, no explanation. It is the way it is.

Psychics can often have an area of expertise. It might be love or relationships or it might be health, money or career. Psychics do bring their personality into the reading or into their environment. Just as we have some personalities who are good at marketing themselves, selling themselves or instead are a wallflower, or, just like some others are egocentric, extroverted, crazy, funny, entertaining and maybe in need of attention. Some Psychics enjoy a bit of attention whilst others feel more comfortable taking the back seat.

All of these factors must be considered to get the best ultimate outcome out of a reading.

There are Psychics, Psychic Mediums, Tarot Card Readers, Medical Psychics, Remote Viewers, Intuitives, the list is long as it truly a versatile gift.

Will I live My Life By What A Psychic Told Me

Quite frankly, no you won't. Because your life or the way things have been predicted, will never work out in the way you think.

Life will still be full of surprises, twists and turns and unexpected events. We are all on a spiritual journey and we are supposed to live our life without someone telling us what to do or what decisions and choices to make.

However, having a reading or a session with a Psychic Medium can most definitely put our mind at ease and be very beneficial and healing, as my first experience was many many years ago. It was the beginning of a very unexpected new exciting journey I never thought I would have.

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