Intuitive Data Has No Limits: From Neanderthal To Albert Einstein To Modern Intuition

Updated: Feb 19

Whether in business, as a mother, for the life-saving surgeon, the intuitive nurse, using our intuition for our health or to make life-changing decisions, intuition is the innate invisible gift we all possess to varying degrees. It is an invisible link from the infinite Universe directly to each of us, individually. Everyone has intuition!

Intuition can mean a variety of things, most likely experienced in different variations and forms, such as thoughts, feelings, visions, seeing, hearing, smelling or even tasting.

We often hear, "I had a sense of knowing", and it's not unusual for men in particular, to call it the 'gut feeling'. After an event has happened, in particular when we didn't listen to our intuition, it is the not so uncommon sense of "I knew it, why on earth didn't I listen to it?"

Intuition and the way the Universe communicates through and with us is still widely misunderstood.

Historically, intuition has been recorded as far back as "350 B.C.E. in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, in which he defines wisdom as "intuitive reason combined with scientific knowledge."

To the Neanderthal, intuition would have meant getting that spear out spontaneously without much thought, using predatory methods, killing that Auroch for survival to feed families and communities. Intuition was once a necessity as an animal instinct for basic survival.

On we are enlightened with historic stories such as Calpurnia, wife of Julius Caesar, foresees her husband's assassination and begs him not to go to the senate. Caesar doesn't listen. Several stab wounds and few words later, he is dead - dating back to 44 B.C.E.

In 1865 Ulysses S. Grant is invited to join Abraham Lincoln at Ford's theater. Grant's wife, Julia, urges him not to go ("I do not know what possessed me to take such a freak, " she later writes). Unlike Ceasar, Grant heeds his wife's advice. It soon emerges that he, too, may have been an assassination target that night. continues with the notorious story (and movie) in 1936 of the racehorse Seabiscuit, the frequent loser. But, Buick salesman Charles S. Howard is sure he's buying a future Champ. Howard pairs him with a new trainer and jockey - and the Biscuit retires in 1940 as racing's all-time prizewinner.

Nevertheless, as much as we heed intuition occasionally as a warning signal, it may indeed lead us subconsciously to take precautious actions, in the form of an unexplained urge or force to either do or not do something. In 1940 Winston Churchill did just such a thing whilst dining at 10 Downing Street when a bomb hits nearby. He orders his staff to leave the kitchen. Moments later another bomb falls, obliterating - you guessed it - the kitchen.

More recent in 1961 Ray Kroc's "funny-bone instinct" becomes the stuff of business legend when he ignores his lawyers' advice and borrows $2.7 million to buy out the modest fast-food franchise he helped build. Now more than 47 million people a day sit down - or drive up - for one of his McMeals.

Intuition Has Always Been An Invaluable Survival Mechanism

Intuition is a multi-faceted, diverse multi-tasker which can be applied in absolutely any area ranging from life-changing decisions down to personal. It is an undervalued, often misunderstood and still a mysterious phenomenon to many. It is our inbuilt intangible genius. It can be part of our lives as much or as little as we want it to be, but, even intuition needs to be acknowledged, nurtured and listened to. It is an art, a gift which we all possess to varying degrees.

As with any artist or gifted individual, we can specialize and educate ourselves until we become proficient and have reached our personal best, our individual limit. The gifted individuals that we call Psychics or Psychic Mediums, have usually been blessed with the deep seeing gift to an extraordinarily heightened sense to be able to use their gift on behalf of others, for others, simply because that is their given gift and because they can.

Modern Intuition

We recognize intuition as part of our animal instinct, an inbuilt and necessary survival mechanism, yet, so little is still known or taught about intuition. We tend to relay it back to an instinct which connects a mother to her child or something which is related to females or nature.

However, Psychic to the A-list famous celebrities in Hollywood, Laura Day, claims that 'men are more intuitive than women'. Laura says: "Traditionally, women have occupied roles that require the ability to respond to the needs of others, making those around them feel known in a deep and meaningful way. Compassion, creativity and feeling are the tools that were needed for traditional female roles. However, men who survived in the business world, whether as soldiers, hunters or tribal leaders, used intuition".

She goes on to say: "Have you ever sat at a table with a group of great investors or generals? People who can predict the market movements or guide an army through tough terrain and get them out alive? If you have, you'll find that the Asperger's spectrum -- the kind of brain that isn't overly complicated by emotion -- is over represented in this group. Their spouses may complain they are remote but, in the game of life, they excel because their decisions are based on data and logic. They don't get attached to their market position or crippled by the emotional weight of a decision. This is the true intuitive state; pure information, pure logic, accurate assessments and direct, effective action". View full article here

Intuition Intuitively Transitioned With Us

Today, we live in apartments, houses or buildings, and we no longer need to use our intuition to hunt and kill an animal or to seek those rare herbs for healing, as well as other edible fruits and vegetables. At the click of a button we can order or pre-order and meet our necessary human needs without too much worry. 

Instead of nature, intuition has been transferred into the digital world.

In today’s incredibly busy world, we are increasingly bombarded with data, reports, adverts, flashy platforms and devices. We are privy to social networks, search engines, public platforms and communication is increasingly transparent.

Regardless of the rapidly increasing changes, the intuitive antenna, has its radar scanning for anything that is relevant to us 24/7! It may not seem like it, but it does. Unfortunately, we tend to be so influenced by the brighter, louder, flashier devices that we tend to overlook that the little things also matter. Our intuition has been fine tuning like a radio station to adjust environmentally.

Although search engines have become part of our daily lives, what we notice on there also matters. What we notice at a particular time, during a certain event, matters to us. These are messages, signs and symbols the Universe is presenting to us. If it has a memorable impact, it's a message. Nevertheless, intuition can talk to us in many different ways.

Instead of seeking with intuition we have to sieve through thousands of  flashy websites, leaflets, newsletters and books

There is no such thing as a coincidence, and seeing that the digital world is now a daily part of our lives, of course, intuition plays a big part in this world, too. It is naturally integrated.

Ask yourselves, why did your intuition lead you to a certain website, page or link even? Has one thing led you to the next? Even when you are online what you NOTICE for yourself matters to you!

Intuition Is A 24/7 Working Mechanism

The intuitive radar never stops working, it is scanning 24/7. It makes absolutely no difference to intuition, whether it is scanning nature or on digital platforms, because intuition is adaptable and multi-talented, but, the way intuition communicates with us stays the same. It is a symbolic, complex language of thoughts, feelings, images, knowing, nagging and impressions.

Intuition does not have to scan through thousands of pages as we consciously read a book. Intuition is a direct vibrational link to infinite knowledge. It can lead us to where we need to be in an instant, because it knows what is necessary and best for us at that particular point in time. It jump-starts our thoughts and feelings.

It is time for us to get away from old-fashioned beliefs that intuition is supernatural and that only a few of us have been gifted with this power. It is wrong. Everyone has intuition, but some of us are listening better and are more aware of what the Universe is trying to tell us. We are asked by the Universe to give meaning to the messengers: people, animals, words, signs, messages, events, the weather, even household items can be messengers and most certainly anything digital, online or we might get the message from our favourite search engine. 

Top business leaders claim that no matter how they review their business data over and over again, or how many times they have consulted professionals and specialists, it ultimately comes down to that gut feeling, intuition, or that innate inner knowing to make a valuable and profitable business decision

Intuition, is seen as the most valuable counsel, even in the business world! Intuitive business leaders have made the columns due to publicly claiming that it is indeed their intuition that has led them to greater success. Everyone talks about it, but not many can explain or pin point what intuition exactly is. It is still a mystery to many, but it is increasingly talked about and promoted in the professional business world. Intuition has become the CEO’s most powerful asset in making profitable business decisions. 

Successful people have a vision, they see opportunities, they are positive, they grab open doors and opportunities, but, intuition has more of a chance of being heard by an open mind and an open heart.

Intuition Is Our Invisible Antenna Picking Up Signals Around The Clock

Intuition is our invisible antenna, picking up invisible energies and vibrations. It is there to develop our intellect and make comprehensive decisions. We need to immerse ourselves daily, listen to our inner voice and begin to foremost and utmost trust ourselves, our intuitive data. We have to trust without any proof or evidence and we have to trust that our intuition is constantly trying to get out attention. Listen carefully!

Society teaches us vehemently that data and statistics, scientific proof and anything that can be verified on a piece of paper ranks over something which we cannot even put our finger on. Intuition is not tangible and therefore it is not safe for the rational thinking mind which needs to rationalize intuitive data with logic and reason.

Intuitive Data Has No Limits

A vast majority of the population believe that they do not have intuition, but this is not true as each and one of us has been blessed with this inbuilt and natural gift since birth. Due to learning and having been taught that we need proof and evidence we often tend to dismiss intuition.

Albert Einstein 'was a German-born theoretical physicist[5] who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).[3][6]:274 His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science'.

Einstein was an avid believer and promoter in intuition. He notoriously admitted that he received his 'theory of relativity' through intuition and that he then spent his whole life proving it.

Intuitive data is always 100% accurate and reliable. If it didn’t work, it wasn’t intuition that we were listening to. It is a gift from the Universe to teach and guide us, but also to have blind faith in

Intuition In A Nutshell

Intuition merges all the signals into one scenario at once. The information we receive via intuition is not processed by the higher brain, it is a snap one-second-response, which the reasoning mind justifies after it has been received. It is a direct link to our higher mind or as quantum physics would have it, a direct link to the infinite Universe.

Scientific research has proven that we receive intuitive data via our electromagnetic heart, which has its own mind, one second before the brain does. The data is received by the electromagnetic heart first and it is then sent on to the brain. Once it is received by the conscious mind it is processed with the different voices such as the logical reasoning voice, the Shadow-voice and this is where we have put all of our faith and trust into the subtle intuitive-voice.

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