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Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Trust Your Intuition

We have heard it so many times: "Trust your intuition", when making one of those important life decisions. We know intrinsically we have it, at least sometimes it seems, but, then when it's that time, that we could do with a big portion of that little bit of magic... boom!! It's not coming - or so we think.

We begin to overthink, we rationalize, we are looking down at our gut to see if there's anything happening down there. We are looking for that feeling, a sense of knowing so strong, that nothing in the world could sway our decision from our initial Plan A. That is what we are ultimately looking for.

In business, we are told to trust our gut, but understandably we cannot turn up with cracker decisions on investments, merely trusting something as intangible as intuition, right? Businesses are seeking proof based on data, facts and research, yet, research has proven that the Top Business Leaders of today rely more on intuition than on statistics and data, but, they would never admit to it in public, because, intuition is not tangible. There is no proof, hence intuition is often categorized as 'a gut feeling'.

How Does Your Intuition Talk To You?

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift" Albert Einstein

Unbeknownst to many of us, intuition is more than just a gut feeling or an intrinsic knowing. There is a very fine line between intuition and psychic insights. Intuition does, in fact, talk to us in many different ways and forms. We were just never taught the many languages of intuition, which is specific to each and one of us, individually and just like any gift, it needs to be nurtured and grown.

We can prompt intuition or we can wait for it to give us warning signals, red flags or bug us to go and do something that we would have never pursued without this nagging feeling, this nagging thought in our mind.

Richard Branson, famed founder of Virgin once said, “I rely far more on 'gut instinct' than researching huge amounts of statistics.”

We just haven't got around to officially integrating this intangible tool into general education and business. In fact, I believe that intuition is the most invaluable, most accurate and reliable tool of all which should be cherished and harnessed!

It is a scientific fact that everyone has intuition. It is also a fact that we are more intuitive than we know or we think we are, because it is exactly our thinking which can influence or obstruct intuitive data.

Scientific research has proven that the heart has its own mind and receives intuitive data one-second-before-the-brain-does! Our heart is electromagnetic, it has an energy field, just like each and every human body has an aura, an energy field.

Everyone has a heart and therefore everyone has intuition. We know, for example that we feel with our heart. We are aware that there is something far beyond logical understanding and reason that goes on in our heart area.

But, how does your intuition actually talk to you? Do you listen or do you dismiss intuitive hits constantly as not important or imaginary? Which of your senses are stronger than others? Did you know that you can use your body as your intuitive Dashboard?

To fully understand intuition we have to first understand how it talks to us: it can be through intuitive thoughts, visions, physical sensations, a gut feeling, a knowing, or it can even outside events which can have an impact, an urge to give us a sense of a message, like an omen.

There is so much more to intuition than meets the eye. Research has shown that the majority of the population don't believe they have intuition - and - 85% of Millionaires believe that 'poor' people lack intuition. But, these are merely beliefs and our beliefs can either be positive, negative and they can even change. Regardless, beliefs are more powerful and effective than positive thinking. Beliefs, either make or break us. Your intuition needs you to believe in your intuition and the way it communicates with you.

The problem is not that our intuition fails us. The problem is that the subtle intuitive voice can get overshadowed by the rational mind or the overpowering shadow mind. As soon as we receive intuitive data, without any logic or reason, we begin to switch over to our other voices within, which are made up of rationalizing everything, doubting or we may have self-destructive and subconscious beliefs which trap us and keep us into old and repetitive patterns.

The negative influence and behavioral patterns are more than often prominent with anything relating to money.

Busting the Self-destructive and overpowering Shadow-voice

American-Hungarian Business Magnate George Soros, attributes his financial success to intuition. Soros publicly claims that he uses high self-awareness, emotional and even physical state to his advantage. He revealed that sometimes he changes his views at the onset of acute back pain!

This requires a lot self-assured and confident assessment, trust in intuition and also trust in trusting the physical body as an intuitive tool. If anything, it takes time and practice to be in-tune to the extend of using direct signals for major financial investments.

Money, in particular, can have an immediate psychological influence over us the second we are shown Dollar notes, research reveals.

As money comes into play, we can have the tendency to make the wrong choices or decisions. Money or the subject of money can bring up dramatic and negative feelings as well as negatively influencing our health and relationships. I was positively surprised by a recent email in my inbox from renowned Dr Christiane Northrup who interestingly touched on the subject of how money can be stressful and evoke dramatic feelings of anger, sadness, powerlessness, jealousy or envy and these are not uncommon for any of us at some point in our lives.

To fully integrate intuition we also have to understand our fears, our obstructive belief system, our habits and in relation to money or finances we have to evaluate our subconscious self-destructive patterns and abundance blocks, which, are counterproductive and make us doubt and question the intuitive data we constantly receive. We might, sub-consciously go against the grain and against our intuition without even being aware of it.

Money Talks

Money talks, in the same way intuition talks to us. It may either bring the best out in us or it may bring the worse out in us. Unless we take responsibility and become aware of our blocks, which are ultimately directly blocking intuition getting through to us, we may be privy to keep falling into the same money-traps or losing more money than keeping it or gaining more.

We live in an era of information overload and it is increasingly challenging to listen to the innate and inborn voice of the heart, the wireless shortcut, intuition. This comprehensive home-work-shop will teach you how to communicate with the Universe and intuition in many different ways. ​ The unconscious negative belief system is one of the major abundance blocks which obscures and interferes with the intuitive-voice. Decisions and choices regarding finances, career and money have become increasingly difficult to make in an unstable political and economical climate. Learn to trust the subtle but absolutely correct and important voice of your intuition...

What will you gain from this book?

  • Better communication and evaluation of how your intuition talks to you

  • Increase intuitive awareness and connection

  • Differentiate between the intuitive, rational and Shadow-voice

  • Discover old-fashioned and self-destructive abundance blocks

  • Change subconscious and hidden destructive beliefs around money

  • Learn to make better choices around finances and money

  • Understand the law of attraction and the link to intuition

  • Increase confidence by learning to trust your intuition in all areas of your life

The Law of Attraction

Over the years we have been bombarded with the secrets of the Universe and the law of attraction, with it's simple basic rule that thinking and feeling positive can bring us anything we like.

Love Is The Answer

Unfortunately this is only true to a certain extend.

It is true that we have an electromagnetic field and also that our thoughts and feelings have magnetic power. What we give out is what we get back.

There is one missing link though: Intuition!

Whatever we are intending to attract through the power of thinking and feeling, is most likely not to come flying in through the window.

The Universe and our intuition will lead us to our goals, step by step, but we have to listen to the inner guidance and empower each step through action.

The house that we want to attract, that new career path or the love we have been seeking, won't be waltzing through the door. It is our intuition, our inner guidance that will lead us there by listening, communicating and understanding our intuition better!


Lots of love


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