The Art of Bitcoin & Crypto Psychic Insights Have Become The Latest Trend

Updated: Aug 27

UK Psychic Medium Clare has consistently been accurate in predicting Bitcoin's and the crypto market's move since 2018

Psychic Predictions Are Bullshit

It's been a common theme amongst the 'nay-sayers', the doubtful, the suspicious minds, that #psychic predictions are nothing but utter bullshit. However, most of those random opinions are predominantly judgmental and preconceived notions based on nothing but 'hearsay', something they have heard through the grapevine or even just because they ain't got a clue what they are talking about. Literally.

They are also, still to this day, often based on old-fashioned views that it must indeed be mostly vulnerable, easily accessible women who apparently cling on to 'something a Psychic once told them' or are branded delusionary to be believing in such a crazy phenomenon.

But, this is increasingly changing as the Psychic world, the Intuitives, Remote Viewers and Astrologers are taking to the crypto world with their YouTube and Patreon channels and the ratio between male and female seems to be indeed more equal in numbers than not and they almost tend to be predominantly have a male following.

If you're one of the judgmental creatures and your hair is standing up at the back of the neck right now for all the wrong reasons, then, let's try and be non-judgmental for a second. Keep an open mind and let's dig a little deeper into the myth of intuition and #psychic ability because it doesn't have to be pink and fluffy for the vulnerable and it most certainly should not predominantly be what you want to hear either, to make you feel better. Because, as the trading experts say, "We don't use emotions in trading."

"I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of data and statistics."--Richard Branson

There is a very fine line between intuition and what is often called psychic ability. In fact, it is very hard to differentiate between them. It is just that one is widely more accepted as a term than the other. The word psychic does indeed on occasion seem to surface feelings of rage and convulsion in some individuals and I'm not sure if this is the outdated view of witchcraft and spooky woo woo malarkey flying about, lol, but how about we take a business approach in the matter of the importance of intuition, the gut feeling, in making our most important career, business or financial decisions.

Defending such ludicrous and uninformed judgments is simply a waste of time that could be put to much better use, for example, our most recent hobby over the past few years of learning about #Bitcoin, #crypto trading and indeed posting about the journey of Bitcoin or shall I say the 'future' journey of Bitcoin and crypto as a whole with Psychic Medium Clare. It was nothing other than a feeling, that led me to believe that this could or would be a worthwhile direction to take. It was always a risk, but look how this risk has turned out.

"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know why." ~ Albert Einstein

It shouldn't come as a surprise that over one hundred Top Business Executives were researched and admitted that instead of relying on data and spreadsheets they rely on this invisible phenomenon called 'intuition' instead, but, they don't publicly talk about it because intuitive insights are not tangible, yet, the gut feeling as most men would describe it, is seen by them as the most reliable tool when it comes to business and investments decisions.

It may come as a surprise to some of you that back in 1975 a $20 million #Remote Viewing research program was sponsored by the U.S. government, in an attempt to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena. Something I personally trained in...

It was scientist Albert Einstein who himself believed in #intuition, psychic ability, and even endorsed a Psychic. Alby, as I endearingly love to call him, has had a deep understanding of energy, vibration, quantum physics and once claimed that his famous theory of relativity came to him first through intuitive insight and he then spent most of his life then proving what he had received in a split second intuitively. But, I won't bother you much longer. You can read more about the ins and outs of the psychic/intuitive phenomenon in "Will We All Become Crypto Millionaires?"

First It Was The Stock Market, Then It Turned Into Bitcoin And The Crypto Market

I had heard about the #Intuitive (Laura dislikes the word 'psychic' - understandably) Laura Day, a successful Psychic to the Hollywood A-listers, who also accurately predicted a couple of Stock Market crashes and who had made herself a name by offering her Intuitive skills to her business clients. You heard right! Business Leaders or respectable corporate companies. Day, by the way, also believes that it is indeed men who are generally more intuitive (or shall we say psychic!) than women! Men-witches you all are! Lol! You can read more here: "Why Men Are More Intuitive Than Women"

Day lives in what she calls a “weird corner of space and time” and says that while her clients use little of her actual time, they are privy to her near constant intuitive attention ~ Forbes

Laura Day was my inspiration at the time.

As quoted in Forbes, "As a professional intuitive, Day’s corporate clients, many of whom she’s had for three decades, have spanned the tech, retail, financial, legal, media, entertainment, political and pharmaceutical industries and pay $15,000 per month for phone access to her razor sharp gut. She doesn’t do conference calls, read spreadsheets, or even glance at a marketing deck — in fact, she says she doesn’t know much about the industries she advises and yet, in an instant, Day can call up the correct answer to the most pressing, obscure or even dull business decision.

I am quite sure that top Business Leaders would not splash out $15,000 a month on an 'Intuitive' were they not onto something here, the incomprehensible invisible phenomenon called #intuition. It is indeed a battle of the witches trying to explain how to prove the existence of intuition or psychic ability which lives within each and everyone of us.

Anyway, How We Got Started As Vibes & Visions

One day I contacted a good friend of mine Psychic Medium Clare and asked her if she could intuitively 'read' cryptocurrencies. She responded with, "what are cryptocurrencies and why am I seeing what looks like 'coins' but in different colors?" I knew then that this was a good sign, so we proceeded by myself sending her images of crypto logos without any prior info or name of the coins, and what came out as a result of that, the messages and information she received, was nothing short of amazing. She could see or perceive insights of the area the project was dealing in, she could see 'charts' of the direction the crypto was heading in and she could abstract valuable information about the projects possible, the management, the team or best future path.

As 'Business Intuitive' Laura Day said, who has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Tatler, "By the way, you don't need to be a specialist in the field", in fact, as many gifted Intuitives will tell you, the less you know about the 'subject' the better. Why? Because only then is the intuitive data you receive pure, without any preconceived knowledge, notion or judgments. You are working off a blank canvas and this tends to be the best data one can receive. This will surprise many of the antagonistic cynics who claim that readings are psychological or based on the many questions asked. Psychic Medium Clare does not ask questions, she will tell you the answer before the question is asked. She reads an image, whether it's of a person or a crypto.

Back in 2017/2018 a few Psychics, Intuitives, Remote Viewers or even 'Dreamers' (no pun intended :-)) had tried to conquer the crypto world but unfortunately many fingers got burnt and it didn't go as smoothly as anticipated. Reading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, anything financial, is a whole different ballgame all together. It is very few who have been able to crack it, Psychic Medium Clare being one of them, and to name at least one other is Michelle Whitedove with her sterling call on THETA, for example, to name one of many of her crypto calls. Check out her website and free blog.

There are insights into how the coin will perform, if the project has potential long-term prospects, is it a scam, insights into the team's performance, leadership, marketing, PR, what their true intentions are and so on and then there is predicting numbers or the next price target a crypto will or can reach short-term and long-term.

Many fingers got burned because timelines were given, and let's be honest, they do not work most of the time. You gotta give the prediction time to unfold. Life needs to happen in a sequence. One event after the other. Everything is connected.

"You cannot start in someone's Chapter 21 if you're only in Chapter 1!

Why Have Psychic Insights Become Popular For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies?

In an unpredictable volatile market, there is nothing that we crave more than safety, stability and reassurance that it's all gonna be alright. Egos had been bruised after #Bitcoin came crashing down in January 2018 and took the whole #crypto market with it. The market euphoria left many damaged and defeated after the market took another three years of recovery, ups and downs and many incurred losses that had not been recouped. Having been led astray by the greed-voice, cashing in too late or not at all, meant a tedious long wait in agony to revisit Bitcoin's last all-time-high, but there was one question on the expert's minds - when will Bitcoin come out of the bear-market, if at all and what are the possibilities?

Or, was it all a scam, as the infamous Bitcoin antagonist Peter Schiff shouts down from his 'Gold Mountain'? Bitcoin and crypto supporters were anxious if the bubble had indeed burst as many Bitcoin and crypto antagonists had been boasting? Not forgetting that the crypto sphere was a threat to governments globally, it was heavily unregulated and with little or no legislation. It could all have gone horribly wrong.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

It is only now in hindsight, after having had three long and tedious years that we are reaping the rewards of Psychic Medium Clare's insights as our collaborative venture as Vibes & Visions.

"I had thought that all Psychics had predicted the path of crypto wrong since early 2018. After joining Vibes & Visions, I realized I was wrong, after reading all available posts in the Patreon and that Clare had been accurate. That made me sit up and take BIG notice and I wish I had found Vibes & Visions back then." ~ Mike

Now, imagine back in early 2018. Bitcoin had reached a new all time high of around $20,000 and then Bitcoin and the market crashed. The bubble had burst, the sentiment was at a low and the general consensus was 'this is it', it's not going to recover. Bitcoin is a scam. It's a farce. The market kept going down or did nothing. There was no short-term recovery. The overall sentiment was negative.

"It takes a lot of guts to make intuitive claims during adversity."

Some of the first few insights still leave me gobsmacked now, reading back on them. You have to understand that once we receive the information we still have to make up our own mind, use our own information if we are going to act on this info and what are we going to do with it? It is after all, intuitive information with nothing to back it up other than the future. Only the future can provide us with the much needed evidence. It can often be a long tedious waiting game.

"If she 'sees' it, then the chances are that it will happen and come to fruition."

What we have learned for now, is that if Psychic Medium Clare does 'see' a number for Bitcoin or a crypto it is most likely confirmation that this number will indeed see the daylight and we can add on to this with other insights. It's a step-by-step confirmation.

Insights Back From 2018

Clare and I are probably the more grounded, non-fluffy, intuitives. It is what it is. We also adore Laura Day's non-spiritual and matter of fact approach when it comes to intuition; it seems to be a prerequisite in business matters. Nevertheless, as Psychic Medium Clare being the core Psychic of our Vibes & Visions venture, she was commanded by her 'Spirit' Guides, that she could not invest in cryptos as it would influence and distort her visions and her readings. Low and behold it has helped over the years to be non-affected by the volatile market fluctuations and has helped bringing a balanced and down to earth intuitive view to the game.

If you're invested in the markets or a trader, then you will know that the Ego, the greed-voice, the debt-shadow, our emotions of euphoria or being down in the dumps can and will influence every financial decision that we make. Even if you try to use your own intuitive judgments, somewhere we're looking out for our wants and needs and our intuitive view may be more clouded.

Years Of Predictions Have Paid Off

In September 2018 Clare started off here insights with, "There is going to be a huge hoo ha around cryptos. Literally through the courts and people trying to shut down all these currencies, but, it is far too gone already and the ‘people’s will’ is stronger. It will replace normal forms of currency in the future (digital currencies)."

This is where it gets interesting, "It will be a massing ‘thing’ within the next 3 years. This is just the beginning! I feel like initially people thought it was a scam, the cryptocurrency. The US and UK governments are going to fight to stop online currency and I think through the courts they will win, but I think the people will overrule in time. I feel like China or somewhere in Asia they will really back it. We need to overrule the governments."

Another time we posted, "The house of the rising sun, gentle wisps. As I am linking in with Bitcoin, I feel Spirit here very strongly and I know I am preaching to the converted again and again, I've got to say I am about as knowledgeable as a broom handle on this subject", Clare went on to say, "That Bitcoin itself is a powerful entity in itself. Forceful, powerful. 'They' control the market as I am sure you are more than aware of. The problem with the Crypto market is the battle behind the scenes. It needs to be regulated in ways in which to protect the consumer, the investor. I'm not talking about protecting you from taking risks! It's a gamble! But, where your money is stored/held, needs to be regulated with strict legislation and protection."

We posted almost weekly updates to our Patreon members, "As I linked in with the Bitcoin logo, as I mentioned above, I am being made aware that it's a tricky situation. Bitcoin NEEDS to control the market, and in the long run it's a huge benefit, but in these early stages it is a treacherous time for many coins. Sink or swim!"

"The governments have and are losing power all over the world. The people are talking with their feet! They are coming away from the mainstream and not doing what they are told. They do not want to lose control, the battle is how much power they get. If you are curious as to if Cryptocurrency will seize to exist? No, it won't! It's going to get stronger and stronger and you the followers who have seen, felt, won, lost and LEARNT are at an advantage. It is still the early stages, but believe me it is getting stronger."

Clare proceeded, "It is lifechanging and Bitcoin is behind all of this. The guy is a sheer Genius, and his team are small. Do they have power to manipulate? Hell YES! Are they corrupt? Not in the way that our bankers are! They are looking to change the future....For you guys to fathom out: The house of the rising Sun! What to look out for, when the graphs/charts start to look wispy, a flow of gentle wisps! The chart is like a donkey, a work horse. I see some rises, I see some dips, noting significant or hugely either up or down (wispy), then the ups are going to start doing a sharp climb. This is I feel when the other markets start to move. It is sink or swim! I don't feel it will hit rock bottom. It will be caught before it falls. A crash would be detrimental."

From predicting that Russia will try to ban crypto then change their mind, to China being the first to adopt digital currency, to Biden becoming the President it's now evident that years later that we can see the fruits and events indeed unfolding as Clare had said it would.

We face adversity in our life, our careers, whenever or wherever we have an opinion or expertise in an area and this meant that often 'we', me as the writer of our channel, had to stick with Clare's insights. I remember one of our members claiming "No way that Bitcoin will reach $17,000 anytime soon", this was mid 2020 when Bitcoin was trading around the $8,000 mark. "My friend's algorithm has never been wrong in four years, he says it won't go up past $12,000", he claimed. Well, Clare at the time begged to differ and said, "I can only tell you what I'm intuitively feeling, Bitcoin will go up."

Bitcoin did indeed go up!

Back in 2019 Psychic Medium Clare was adamant that 2021 would be the year for Bitcoin and crypto. The beginning.

Bitcoin moved on up and up and up until more recently it hit an all-time-high of $58,000 and with that said, with all fluctuations, volatility, ups and downs, it does indeed look like Bitcoin is here to stay. Bitcoin, as the parent of all cryptos, needed to force it's way up, prove them all wrong, and pave the way for all other cryptos.

One major insight from Psychic Medium Clare was, "When Bitcoin reaches $38,000 there will be BIG changes across the whole crypto market in general."

Since the beginning of January 2021, when Bitcoin did indeed cross that level of $38,000 for the first time, Tesla bought over $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin to accept it for payments and, for example, "Unlike other CEOs who typically shy away from discussing their personal investments, Saylor has made it public that he personally holds 17,732 BTC—currently worth over $831 million.

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard are all paving the way forward by announcing roadmaps to bring crypto into their institutions for mainstream access. And, the mainstream news keep flooding in, ranging from crypto and tax regulations, to suggestions of paying salaries in the form of crypto in the future, to adapting to digital currencies, to banks offering crypto services or Billionaires, Millionaires and Hollywood A-listers taking to the Bitcoin and crypto 'twitter' revolution by publicizing their investments. The world has gone Bitcoin and crypto crazy. It is a financial revolution.

In June 2020 when Bitcoin was still trading in the $9,000 range Psychic Medium Clare contacted me one afternoon with a message for our Patreon members, "“Not sure with what is what, so it’s going to be a bit vague, but, I was just sitting here waiting for someone to come online for a reading....I all of a sudden got a nervous feeling, like when you are nervously expecting something. So, I asked what it’s in relation to and I got BIG BIG NEWS!”, she continued, "I feel very soon and I feel that it is in relation to crypto as a whole...and, it will attract people with only a passing recollection of cryptocurrencies. It will catch people’s eyes and interests. I feel that this will kick start a movement. It will attract people with no knowledge of crypto, like people who’ve heard of Bitcoin, but don’t know much about it.”

Needless to say that the crypto movement has been kickstarted!

Psychic Medium Clare was adamant in here statement though that the crypto market would not unfold the way everyone thinks it will with some reckless illusion that all cryptos will simultaneously rise up like a hockey stick with Bitcoin and make us all Millionaires. Oh hell no!!! You gotta do your own bit, learn a bit about trading, follow the market and crypto experts, look at trends and regardless of what a Psychic predicts, always do your own research on crypto. In general life you would always get a second or third opinion on an important matter, right?! Well, it should be the same in this case.

The Art Of Tackling Bitcoin & Crypto Price Predictions

We didn't tackle number predictions right off the beginning. We had seen other Psychics attempt this and unfortunately the numbers were years off so those who didn't know better went off buying crypto thinking and believing that those high numbers would get hit soon after. Well, they didn't and they still haven't and this has put many in financial difficulties and their money being tied up.

However, seeing Clare's successes and accuracy we decided to do a test run and started off with Bitcoin, but soon followed with price predictions for over 100 cryptos.

Starting All Over in 2019

We came back as Vibes & Visions in 2019 after a pause because Psychic Medium Clare had an important message to share. Bitcoin was trading at around $9,000 range. Earlier in the year Bitcoin did indeed move from the $3,700 up to $13,000 but for Clare this was set to change and we sent our various posts from November 2019 up to March 2020:

"Bitcoin: I just looked at the Bitcoin logo and for the first time ever I have felt uneasy! Anxiety in my chest. Something around Bitcoin, a drop, that will scare the living daylights out of everyone. It will recover, but initially it will cause unease. It's a significant drop, but in a grand scheme - it will be worth money. I think it's going to cause a wave of worry and might create chaos. It will cause a shock wave where things will drop.... Bitcoin will rectify though. It feels like a tsunami - I see it drawing back, then flooding back in. I see decorations so I think around Christmas. Money is going to be pulled out."

We consistently posted that Bitcoin was due a substantial drop. Clare was adamant, "I feel that Bitcoin will drop down to $4,000..."

By mid March 2020 Bitcoin had dropped an average of 60% right down to $3,800!!! Enough to scare the ***t out of anyone in this still new, unpredictable, risky and volatile market.

We all have this invisible inbuilt antenna working for us to varying degrees. A Psychic or an intuitive just has a better antenna, was most likely born with this gift at a higher level is more connected, aware, conscious, and has perfected and trained in that skill and hence they are able to tune in to their ability for themselves or others as and when commanded. Just like some Artists can paint, others are a natural at communication, cooking or have a natural affinity with music, an intuitive has the gift of 'perceiving' others, the environment or cryptos, through their antenna and what the future might hold.

The secret lies in being able to decipher the visual images, the feelings, the words they hear or the knowing that they get and transfer it into a day-to-day language. This itself is an art which takes years of expertise and learning, mostly getting to know yourself and how your intuition talks to you. Because it does! The Universe talks to you all the time...

Psychic Medium Clare came across an instance which had left her stunned, but you see, even with decades of experience behind you, working in a then new field like Bitcoin and crypto, a new genre other than career, love lives, is my husband/wife cheating on me or if someone's cat will die...again... it takes getting used to in deciphering a market that you essentially know nothing about and involves money.

"Money does funny things to us!"

On 4th November 2020 we posted one of Clare's insights, ""I feel that tomorrow may be significant for Bitcoin. I think the charts will change. Big wobble. I just saw Thursday highlighted in red. It's the FIRST time I've had something like please be cautious and DO NOT rely on this info just in case I'm wrong."

In general the color RED in trading indicates losses, drama, selling, panic and the market going down and as Clare saw 'Thursday' highlighted in RED it was perceived as a warning sign.

What happened since was that from that day on as you will see, the chart did indeed change. It was the biggest change ever in the history of Bitcoin and crypto. It went up into what many experts call a super-cycle. But, boy Psychic Medium Clare could not have made this up. It's been epic, but this is an example that no matter how many years of experience, working in a fairly new field can be challenging and interpreting can indeed challenge us all. I myself would have thought that Thursday in red meant 'the charts in red', but here you go we learn all the time.

Sentiments or markets can change. Everything is connected, such as Trump winning the US election was connected to a possible market crash whilst Biden winning was going to strengthen the markets as Clare had accurately predicted. During the weeks running up to the election the voter sentiment changed from Trump being in the running, then changing over to Biden. This ultimately also changed the prediction for Bitcoin and the crypto market.

The beginning of January 2021 Clare predicted that some of the other coins should start moving soon and as if by magic, they did indeed. If you look at many of the altcoin charts, they started moving up the end of January 2021.

As far back as January 2020 Clare predicted that, "July/August will be monumental for cryptos", and in June 2020 we posted a 'prediction' that there will be "big exciting mainstream news coming up".

In September 2020 whilst Bitcoin was struggling at $10,400 Clare was adamant, "I still see a rise. Bitcoin feels like a feisty Terrier!", and later on 9th October 2020 Clare still "felt a rise" coming!

From predicting the Bitcoin crash down to $4,000 to Bitcoin's continuous rises to up to $38,000 (which seemed far fetched at the time in a bear market) up to the $50's and lately up to $71,000 - she saw it coming.

Other substantial warning signs have been around #XRP seeing "loss of money" and XRP "having lost it's way" months ahead in time or #DMM, for example, who recently shut down, which Psychic Medium Clare had warned of, "I would avoid investing in this."


Her most epic call being #Fantom #FTM recently. Whilst Fantom coin was trading at $0.04 Clare predicted that it will make huge jumps and its first big stepping stone will be over a Dollar. Low and behold it's first huge jump came right up to $0.88. It was a massive jump.

On the contrary she has been able to see if the path of a crypto is slower, on a halt or what the issues behind the scenes may be.

For example, she was able to point out with Bitcoin's recent mini-dump, that it would not slump down further than $50,000!

Bitcoin did indeed retrace down to $50,372 and is now on it's way back up. You couldn't make it up if you tried.

As for the future of Bitcoin and crypto she says, "Please do not sell your crypto, don't try to swap coins because you will lose out or get frustrated in the end. Bitcoin is on the way up. The next target is $71,000 and $80,000", she says.

"When Bitcoin reaches $80,000 you will see other coins, #Altcoins starting to move. We will see renewed confidence."

"I know many are expecting a crash, but I see the chart moving up steadily, with healthy pull-backs. I don't feel a huge crash coming anytime soon."


Please Take Care

Use your own intuition, never invest based on psychic insights hoping to make a quick buck. Timelines cannot be relied upon. Have a diverse portfolio, vary your investments across different genres. Don't get too greedy trying to outsmart the market. It usually goes wrong. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Don't sell the farm to invest. Expect volatility. Understand that trading is a profession itself, it takes time and experience to become an expert. Always listen to more than one opinion (even of Psychics), you would if you were needing a medical opinion. Educate yourself, listen to the experts, watch, learn, read. Don't trade on emotions.


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