The Intuitive Bullshit Radar

Updated: Feb 19

Shout It Out! Or Should You?

There is this notion that intuition, it's subtle voice, connects us to the infinite Universe. We are feeling in-tune, peaceful and grounded, earthy, sensible - as a sensibly connected human being should.

Well, I've got good news for you, it's not all that, and if you've been wondering if it is indeed just you jumping on the bandwagon of the loud, shouty, frustrated, nagging and the angry, then do not worry, the wagon is fully booked.

Intuition or the intuitive-voice talks to us in many different forms.

It varies for each and one of us. Intuitive data is received by the electromagnetic heart-mind and then received one second later by the brain, the conscious mind. It is distributed all over the body to give us sensations, like a shiver, a gut feeling in the stomach area, a vision, a feeling or a knowing. We might feel it in the heart and get a shower of repulsion or the heart might feel lit up when it's positive news.

One particular sensation, which I can relay to, is in the throat area. It is when I literally pick up on a vibration, a sensation and I want to scream and shout until the person the message is for, hears me. It is generally many sensations together of needing to blurt out words, of anger, of frustration, of calling out bullshit, of the need to be heard, because, I have an important message to give. The less I am heard, the louder it wants to shout.

But, we can also pick the vibration or frequency from written words, by looking or reading information or we might listen to someone and form a feeling or an intuitive opinion about the info we're seeing or hearing.

How Does It Work?

As well as the physical body, we have an electromagnetic field, the aura, which records all of our physical, emotional and spiritual data. It is run by the seven chakras, the energy hubs which connect to our physical body, feelings and emotions.

You have probably all heard The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger talk about the heart-chakra, right? Well, she busts the ass of those who want to date, but have a closed heart-chakra. It is counterproductive and means that actually your mind is saying I want to date, but the energy, the heart-chakra is closed to love. It is counter-productive.

The same happens with the throat chakra. It can be open or closed or even unbalanced, which means that we either are out of balance in our communication area, over or under communicate, have an issue with truth or honesty or constantly blubb it all out.

The throat chakra is my most reliable and best bullshit radar. The minute I read or see bullshit or I might hear someone talk, my throat wants to call out bullshit. I can feel it wanting to explode with lots of fiery emotion, like a blast. It is my intuitive sign, that I'm smelling bullshit, just in a different format!

Having an excellent bullshit radar has even been linked to measuring how smart we are in a scientific research study, published by Marie Claire!

"Reckon your bullshit-dector is top notch? How well you’re able to detect disingenuous claims, pseudo-profound aphorisms and vague, fake statements (in other words, complete bullshit) has recently been revealed to be as a marker of intelligence, according to scientists."

To say the least, it isn't fun to have such occasional, extremely distracting, emotional reaction. It is painful, it will drive you to the border of a few minutes of insanity. It will constantly nag at you and it will internally and emotionally drive you crazy - literally. And this is what you will be called if acted upon - crazy!

Strong emotions, such as anger, frustration, resentment, bitterness - an urge to get a message across - can all be intuition. Understandably, as human creatures, we prefer the happier messages, the feel good factor that makes us feel safe and secure.

It is indeed a very long learning curve to acquire and fine tune our senses and to confidently differentiate between anxiety and intuition, between fear and intuition, between panic and intuition. It is the ability to separate our own feelings and emotions, our past experiences and memories, before we can rely 100% of those sensations.

"Anxiety makes it harder to listen to your intuition, according to a recent study in Clinical Psychological Science. Anxiety also has a way of disguising itself as an "intuition" that something's very off, when really, all that's off is your brain chemistry".

It is crucial to try and test intuition, to get to know our body, the sensations we experience. We have to learn to listen better, to pay more attention and to be serious about intuition. It is imperative to accept your own personality traits, the good, the bad and to be honest with yourself.

"It is more important to be honest with yourself, than with others!!!"

Of course, I am not advocating that we start telling porkies to others, instead of ourselves, but, our natural survival mechanism has to be able to accept and cope with the guilt, when we have acted out of integrity. Deep down, each and one of us has an inner child, that never grew up and that has the need to be good, wanted and loved.

So, how do we know that we were right? How do we know that it was intuition talking?

The crazy thing about this innate, inbuilt, invisible, intangible, magical tool is, that until the day we find out that we were right, we don't actually find out until the one day we are shown proof - if ever!

The truth is, that intuition is never wrong. It is our interpretation that might get it wrong and which needs constant perfection

Unfortunately, in some cases, by the time we find out the truth, it might be too late for the person you have been trying to warn. Or you may have made an dire move in an investment based on someone else's advice. It doesn't mean that all is lost, unless it's health related, of course, it just means that we have taken the wrong path, have wasted time, lost money, are heartbroken, have lost love and it'll take a bit longer to get to the ultimate goal, the path they were meant to be on.

The Red Flag Syndrome

Part of the problem is, that although intuition is literally screaming at you, and in return you might turn into the almighty Reality TV's dream, you might not know at that time what intuition is flagging up. You just know, your throat is welling up, you have eternal anger, you are calling out the bullshit or at the most, you have a strong feeling that the information you are seeing is wrong!

I am sure that most of us, even the more experienced amongst us, can be masters at accepting or avoiding the hurtful truth, because it might shatter our dreams. We push the signs and signals away until a later date.

Good intuition can work for us, but it can also work against us

Mainly, it works against us if others deny what we are picking up on, are not truthful, purposefully withhold information that we are tuning in to and so on. In that case, it can literally drive us insane, but more worryingly, it can block energies and the process of moving forward, because the unresolved intuitive feeling will wreak havoc and obstruct a smooth, trusting environment. Red flags are literally just doing that, flagging an issue and getting your attention without the proof, logic or reason.

Let Intuition Do All Of The Hard Work

Apart from spotting the bullshit and raging to call someone out, intuition via our communications centre, the throat chakra, it can do so much more which can be intrinsically valuable to our lives, in every area of our lives.

Intuition: "I told you so"!

We are privy listening to experts or professionals all day long. We may consult a specialist, a figure of authority within their field or we may use it in business or making the right investments.

Intuition will filter through data for us in seconds and provide us with insights, nuggets and nudges and what is right or wrong for us on our current past. It will nudge us by giving us a sense if the provided info is best for us at this point in time.

What's right for some, might be wrong for others and our intuition knows best for us!

A red flag can be someone else's call or judgment that may not get us the desired results for ourselves in particular, because our journeys are individual. They are tailored for us.

Sometimes it may lead us down a certain path because we haven't learned a lesson yet and it's better to learn the lesson with small losses instead of huge losses later on.

We have to make the call for ourselves whether we perceive someones data as accurate, but our intuition will have already calculated if acting on the data will be beneficial for us on our path. It may not be and it may want to lead us to bigger, better or saver situations. It may want to lead us to a long-term proposition instead of short-term.

The purpose of intuition is not to create conflict, but to flag when something is off, might hurt us or others in the long run, especially when it could be something which is not in tune with our boundaries, our values and morals.

It can take years to recognize that this crazy phenomenon is intuition, that is enforcing to stay strong and not give in, because something isn't right. The bullshit radar, the throat chakra, is not much talked about in connection to intuition and hence it can be difficult to differentiate between sheer anger, frustration and intuition. Recognizing that these sensations and experiences are real, take a lot of courage, because, what if you accuse someone and you are wrong, right?

Stay Positive When Intuition Wreaks Havoc

It may sound like it can be too much to handle for some, but don't forget that intuition is merely protecting and looking way into the far future for ourselves and others.

Positivity is great when in crisis, needing to stay strong, finding a solution and have a strong confident mentality that you will naturally and positively always find a way out and forward in any given situation, no matter how severe. It is also a necessity to lead a fairly happy and content life. Positivity is fun.

Don't confuse positivity with forced positivity. I call those individuals the human bulldozers.

The human bulldozer, wallows in positivity and bulldozes their way through anything by being blindfolded, naive and forcing an outcome that is maybe not even meant to be. The human bulldozer has little intuition, in fact, ignores all of the red flags and lives with the illusion that everything is fine. It has nothing to do with positivity.

The more this kind of illusionary positive thinking is forced, the more intuition will be suppressed. True positivity encourages intuition. Not just in a negative sense, but we will be open to and see the positive signs and messages that we need to see. We open ourselves to our inner genius of ideas, creativity, solutions and more happiness.

It takes honesty, courage, and real strength to open up to intuition, accept the scary and unsettling messages, but it will eventually bring us the better, happier and longer-term goals and outcomes.

Don't forget, life is a journey and intuition is part of our journey to a better life!

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