UK Psychic Medium Clare Recently Predicted Chaos, Fear And Bitcoin To Crash Down To $4,000!!!

Updated: Feb 19

A Peek Into Past Predictions With UK Psychic Medium Clare

For those who have been following us on our Patreon channel, the recent crash and the Tsunami type event (take this symbolically!), which will sweep anxiety, fear and panic across the world will have come as no surprise. The most accurate prediction of all recently will have been the Bitcoin CRASH down to $4,000 whilst the market had been waiting for a new all-time-high.

In late 2020 Clare and I started posting blogs about intuition and psychic predictions about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the crypto market in general.

I had developed an interest in cryptocurrencies and having had the pleasure of experiencing Clare's psychic gift for over six years I asked her if she would be able to read into cryptos and evidently, she did a very good job, seeing that she has had no prior knowledge of Bitcoin or cryptos at all.

I had known of Psychic Laura Day who famously predicted the last major global meltdown and who helps businesses with her intuitive insights as well as teaching the gift of the gab.

This was quite unusual at the time, but with Bitcoin and the crypto market making its mark in the world, more and more Psychics and Intuitives began getting involved and posting predictions about the crypto market, Bitcoin and individual cryptocurrencies and the possible potential.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have had a lot of bad press due to high volatility, lack of protection and legislation in regards to using blockchain and cryptos. On the back of that it was refreshing to have so many positive insights from gifted Intuitives to reassure us of the future potential amongst so many scaremongers.

There was only one problem at the time and that was that predictions back in 2017/2018 included numbers and timings, which led many falsely to believe that these were to be relied upon. Unfortunately, they are not. It can take months or years for psychic predictions to unfold and with it the cynics have promoted those predictions as nonsense or a scam. You can read more on timings and numbers here:

At the time, we felt the despair of many who had invested on the back of those predictions (which we would never advise anyone to do) and who found themselves in financial difficulties. We are not financial, investment or trading specialists and any psychic predictions are for entertainment purposes only.

Nevertheless, we are posting some of Psychic Medium Clare's past predictions in our Recap on our Patreon channel. Read this with an open mind...

A Recap With Psychic Medium Clare On Bitcoin And The Crypto Market

Posted on Patreon 16th March 2020

As mentioned in our previous post, this latest drop has been a long time coming. Over the last couple of years, there was the notion that money will come out of the Stock Market and will get invested in Bitcoin and cryptos. There was an expectation after 2017's all-time-high that Bitcoin and cryptos will hit a new all- time-high soon and the markets were being hyped. Yet, even from a logical point of view, it seemed too 'fantastical' and 'too out of this world' for there to be another all-time-high, just like that - and so soon. The Stock Market, it seems, is now connected to the crypto market as of recent, which is something that Clare mentioned and one of our last posts.

Some Of Clare's Recent Predictions For The Far Future

"With regards to Bitcoin, it is always going to be a leader, but anything in the world that affects the markets will affect Bitcoin, like the 'normal' Stock Market. I've said in a previous post to sell at $29k, but this isn't the limit, but around this number, the market is going to have a wobble and of course you can HODL and wait for it to recover or you can sell at that price and then get back in cheaper".

We have always been big on pointing out that messages need to be taken symbolically and not literally and this has been proven right once again with the latest predictions of expecting a 'Tsunami' type event, 'feeling sick and anxious', when tuning into the markets and 'knowing that people won't like', what Clare had to say about the speed or lack of speed of the crypto market and its growth.

We do not want to dismiss any 'colleagues', but unfortunately the market had been hyped many times over too soon, whilst Clare has been adamant throughout that the crypto market expansion cannot be expected as fast or as soon as many would like and that patience is required. This has proven to be correct over the last couple of years.

We took a break over the summer from Patreon, just as well, because nothing was happening and there was no point 'hyping' something that wasn't going to come about that quickly! When we returned in November 2019, Clare tuned into Bitcoin and it was a very surprising and unexpected reading:

"I just looked at the Bitcoin logo and for the first time ever I have felt uneasy! Anxiety in my chest. Something around Bitcoin, a drop that will scare the living daylights out of everyone. It will recover, but initially it will cause unease. It's a significant drop, but in a grand scheme it will be worth money. I think it's going to cause a wave of worry and might create chaos. It will cause a shock wave where things will drop, but one coin will hold its own ground, like a Phoenix from the ashes. I just don't know which one yet. Bitcoin will rectify though. It feels like a Tsunami - I see it drawing back, then flooding back in."

Originally she thought this might be around Christmas, but I think we can forgive a couple of month later.

In between the beginning and the end of November, Bitcoin dropped around $2000 (from $9k down to $7k) - nothing major so we posted again on 23rd November:

"As soon as I link in, I have that horrible horrible feeling again. It hasn't reached bottom yet, I'm afraid guys. It's going to do another steep drop. This will create panic and unrest and unfortunately won't do much for crypto as a whole. It's a damaging drop with panic connected to it, but it will creep back up and it will start off with a climb, then it will be TWO sudden steep inclines upwards and level itself out. Timing wise (please remember NOT to rely on timings), December is significant. There will be talk about this drop and other coins will suffer due to it, but it's a game of nerve. Hang on in there and hold your hats. I don't think this is expected".

It sure was not expected!!!

A few days later we posted:

"Clare thinks that it could go down to $4k, but not $3k - BUT this has NOW changed and there is a strong possibility it could go down to $2k which was the next level drop she was getting recently. Regarding timing, this does not mean it will happen right now, it is now more possible than ever, but not a guarantee".

From my personal point of view, it's a job done! We hit $3,800, altcoins are at a great 'buy' price now, so it's a 'win win' for everyone. Anything lower is a bonus, not a guarantee.

Another major message was:

"The crypto market will recover more quickly than our current economy".

Should it happen this way, this could potentially be big news for cryptos. Since then, the Stock Market has crashed and been called the worst crash EVER, the coronavirus has broken out, cryptos have crashed and God knows the Tsunami sure has hit globally.

Clare picked up on a general feeling of fear and chaos, hence I wanted to recap on some of our first postings, because sometimes those messages get forgotten. We must never forget that some predictions can take months or years to come true. You can find those in previous posts on Patreon.

We have mentioned this consistently in our posts that Clare has no real knowledge on cryptos and is not invested herself. Not because she doesn't want to, she does, but unlike most of the Psychics who are invested in cryptos, Clare was told that it would influence her psychic non-biased judgment.

Please remember that when I first asked Clare if she was able to look into cryptos she asked: "What is crypto and why am I seeing coins with all sorts of colours?" :-))))

Before we look at some past messages, here's what we posted on 22nd March 2019, shortly before the major move up from around $4,000 to $12,000

"Bitcoin, whilst it feels strong and is obviously the leader, it will always remain strong. And, I will add, although in many people's eyes at the moment it is at a low, in the scheme of things, look at the value of Bitcoin?! I feel there is a dip to come (ok, the dip came after the rise) and although I'm not a fan of giving timings, I feel April is prominent for a rise and movement across an awful lot of coins, but, don't hold this against me if timing is off. I've got to say where this leads the rest will follow, but this will not always be the case".

Start date: 27th September 2018

"There is going to be a HUGE hoo haa around cryptos - literally through the courts and people trying to shut down all these currencies, but, it is far too gone already and the people's will is stronger. It will replace normal forms of currency in the future. It will be a massing 'thing' within the next 3 years. This is just the beginning!"

"I feel like initially people thought it was a scam. The US and UK governments are going to fight to stop online currency and I think through the courts they will win, but I think the people will overrule in time. I feel like China or somewhere in Asia they will really back it."

"Bitcoin: The house of the rising sun, gentle wisps. As I am linking in with Bitcoin, I feel Spirit here strongly and I know I'm preaching to the converted again and again. I've got to say I am about as knowledgeable as a broomstick on this subject. I don't need to tell you that Bitcoin is a powerful entity in itself. Forceful, powerful. They control the market, as I am sure you are more than aware of. The problem with the crypto market is the battle behind the scenes. It needs to be regulated in ways in which to protect the consumer, the investor. I'm not talking about protecting you from taking risks! It's a gamble. But, where you money is stored/held, needs to be regulated with strict legislation and protection."

"As I linked in with Bitcoin, as I mentioned above, I'm being made aware that it's a tricky situation. Bitcoin NEEDS to control the market, and in the long run it's a huge benefit, but in this early stages it is a treacherous time for many coins. Sink or swim!"

"The governments have and are losing power all over the world. The people are talking with their feet! They are coming away from mainstream and not doing what they are told. They do not want to lose control, the battle is how much power they get. If you are curious as to if cryptocurrency will seize to exist? No, it won't! It's going to get stronger and stronger and you the followers who have seen, felt, won, lost and LEARNT are at an advantage. It is still in the early stages, but believe me it is getting stronger."

" It is life changing and Bitcoin is behind all of this. The guy is a sheer Genius, and his team are small. Do the have the power to manipulate? Hell YES! Are they corrupt? Not in the way that our bankers are! They are looking to change the future..."

So my lovelies! I'm gonna leave it here...

Please note that I have explained the way Clare sometimes sees charts, which means, that in the grand scheme of things, a drop or a rise of a couple of thousands of $$$ will visually look like a small drop or rise. Everything has to be seen symbolically.

Posting predictions can be scary. It is like sticking your neck out for something that we may have to wait a long time for to unfold. Nothing is 100% due to free will and choice and of course, we are not Robots and just like everyone else prone to human error.

Please trade carefully. Do not take big risks. The end of the day you can purchase some cheap cryptos RIGHT now!!

Crypto hugs

Sandra & Clare

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Disclaimer: Please note that we do not advise on financial investments or trading in cryptos. Our site and psychic insights are for entertainment purposes only. We are not financial or trading specialist. Please do not invest money that you haven't got available in cash and trade carefully. Predictions are not to be relied upon.

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