Being "In Tuition": The Universe Is Talking To You

Updated: Feb 19

The gift of intuition, of noticing what you notice, and how to benefit and integrate omens, symbols and every day messages from the Universe

The Different Forms Of In-Tuitive Communication

With recent events of the global pandemic, the travel/social restrictions and with the economic uncertainties, life has lost a little bit of its magic. We have been confined or limited of venturing out into the big wide world and it has taught many of us the meaning of value. We have had to have a good look at ourselves and get our value system and beliefs in check. Suddenly, what seemed so valuable previously, has lost in value and those things that we cannot buy, replace or exchange, have taken the top spot for many us, i.e. - people and valuable experiences!

As UK Psychic Medium Clare has recently explained, "Spirit guides value all the things that are free." Although money, finances and materials are part of our earthly experience and therefore also part of our spiritual path, there is no money in the Spirit world.

Life Happens In The Mind!

As earthly beings, we are experiencing life through feelings and emotions, as a consciousness. All of the outside influences, the experiences, the things which we value or not value, the matter of money, possessions, gains or losses, are all part of our journey. They make us feel and behave in a certain way, which is all part of our growth. Our family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues or even strangers are part of our emotional experiences. Everything come down to experiences.

The Universe Is Talking To You

The Universe talks to us all the time and this is where the magic is. The good, the bad, the symbolic messages, the omens, the signs, the symbols....everything talks to us! This is where the magic lies...

Through the University of Life, the Universe in-tuitions each and one of us with life events and human interactions - it communicates through and with us via our direct and invisible link, intuition. We then have a choice to follow those invisible commands, to listen to them, to ignore them, to understand them and to the learn this universal type of communication just as if we were learning a foreign language. We gradually decipher the symbolic magic and piece together the pieces of the puzzle.

There is no such thing as a coincidence

Sometimes we are left feeling gobsmacked by the immaculate timing of the Universe. Carefully synchronized events can leave us feeling speechless, but also with an intrinsic sense of knowing, that indeed, there is a Mastermind at play. Something huge is spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

In the Tarot the Wheel Of Fortune ultimately and symbolically tells us that sometimes we get swept up by the invisible current of the Universe, the energetic mystical current, the invisible driving force, and we have to go with the flow and deal with what is being thrown at us. The Wheel Of Fortune is in constant motion and so are we. Sometimes we get some good luck thrown at us and we find ourselves on top of the world, on top of the wheel, whilst other times it feels like lady luck has left us and we feel neglected and get thrown off track for a while and there is nothing that we can do, other than to accept the situation that we find ourselves in and use our inner power, strength, faith and in-tuitive guidance to find the best path forward. We have to surrender.

Regardless of which situation or phase of life we find ourselves in, we are blessed with the gift of inner guidance, our intuition and we also have the Universe talk to us through symbols and messages along the way.

Everything Talks To You

Other than being in-tuitioned by the Universe through our #intuition, along the way the Universe talks to us all the time through signs, symbols and messages playing out every day through synchronicities, experiences and life events like a theatre play, fine-tuned specifically for us.

Whether it be a feeling, an incling, a knowing, an animal crossing our path, a gadget at home breaking down, a dream, a work situation, our financial situation, a stranger grabbing our attention, a line in a book, a color, a bus driving past, a song, reading the clouds, finding a heart shaped stone, a message on a bottle, an advertisement or switching on the TV at the right time - everything is synchronized to give us messages and to talk to us all the time.

Whilst I was contemplating and wasting time, thinking about whether I should write my book Money, Intuition & The Law Of Attraction I finally got the message when I had gotten off the plane in Germany. The first huge poster Advertisement I noticed on the street was "WRITE YOUR BOOK!". That was it.

Another time I got stung by a wasp under my toe whilst having a summer day's walk in the park. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to 'curse the beast' LOL, but exactly at the point of being stung I had been thinking about a female I was sharing an Apartement with at the time and things had not been quite Kosher. I noted the incident and a mere one year later this individual did indeed 'sting' me! This is what I had noticed well in advance by listening to the Universe.

What we notice matters!

The key to perceive messages, signs and symbols that are meant for us is to notice what we notice. Not everything is designed for out attention, but what we in particular notice is important. We don't go out looking for signs. We let them come to us, that one split second that grabs our attention, that gives us a little shiver or makes our heart jump.

We can ask a direct question to the Universe and wait for a sign, but I have found that the most impactful messages appear at random, when I am walking somewhere or sitting around thinking about something, and suddenly BANG!, something happens in the outside world and there it is, the answer to my question that I didn't even ask, but which had been on my mind in my thoughts.

The #Universe aligns to our thoughts, beliefs, desires, the things we want, but also the things we don't want (it always has a little trick up it's sleeve). It responds to us all the time. Always pay attention. If you notice something, inside or in the outside world, pay attention what has been on your mind and what you have been thinking about. Take note and lock it in a journal.

They key is to notice what you notice, because this is tailored and fine tuned for ourselves in particular. This is magic!

Be Honest With Yourself

One of our major downfalls can be that we are not honest with ourselves. You know what it's like, right? We cling on to the positive omens, the good ones, the feel good factor because it gives us hope that in the end all will be ok. However, it is the warning signals which also play a pivotal role in magic. So, listen to the nagging, the repetitive signs, that disturbing feeling or the intuitive thoughts that keep coming back.

It is more important to be honest with yourself than others!

It's more important to be honest with yourself than others. This is not consent that we can go out and lie to others, but it is a message that out of the two, it is more important that we are honest with ourselves and face the truths. This is exactly what the Universe is trying to teach us.

The Universe is signaling directly with little red flags to protect us and guide us down the best possible path for the best possible outcome in any situation, because there is always more than one path that we can take. We always have choice and free will. Sometimes we may find solutions to our problems along the way, we may be able to prevent something, we can change our attitude towards an outcome or we are being granted a wish for an upcoming event that cannot be changed. Whatever it is, we have no choice but to surrender.

Take a career or job situation, a financial or trading investment, for example, that may go wrong. Along the path the Universe may give us signs and signal to us of where we are currently heading, but if we are not honest with ourselves, we may be missing that we have been slacking or have not felt motivated at work and need to pick up the pace again. We may need to look at or mindset, habits and our behavior or we might need to pull out of an investment trade because it's not going the right way.

If we keep ignoring the signs, the messages, we are not likely to act on them to change the path and ultimately the final outcome. Warning signals aren't pleasant, they don't feel good, but they are not given or provided to scare us. They are little helpers to protect us, give us time to do something about it and to minimize the potential negative outcome.

Be grateful, thank the Universe and ask what it is that is important for you to know

Only you know what a message or a sign means to you. Stay away from traditional or old-fashioned #superstitions. They are not valid anymore. The Universe and life has changed. Superstitions are rigid and it means that we already have a preconceived notion that if that one particular event happens, it will be followed by another. Of course, if it's a 'good luck' omen, then by all means believe it. It can only help and be positive. However, if I thought that every time a black cat crosses my path, that I am in for some bad luck, crikey!!! The truth is that I love cats and I'm happy when a black cat crosses my path. It's a way to cancel out some old or traditional belief from playing out.

Our personal #mindset plays a pivotal role in how we perceive signs and messages. The good news it that the Universe or our intuition already knows how we will perceive or read our tailored signs and messages, depending on where or how we live our life. What means a lot to me, may mean nothing to you, and hence you wouldn't notice or perceive this or it would have no meaning to you. In this case the Universe will throw something else down your path. This is the magic!!!

See Magic Everywhere

The more we notice what is relevant for us, the more life becomes magical and meaningful, because suddenly everything talks to us and we live and perceive more consciously. The more we ask questions and pay attention, the more the Universe will talk to us, we automatically become more intuitive. We begin to notice the things that would have previously passed us by. Intuitive thoughts, feelings, visions or experiences become more noticeable, where before we may have dismissed that intuitive thought as just another random thought. Take note.

How To Decipher Messages, Signs And Symbols

Whether we read a message in the clouds, an animal crosses our path, a favorite plant is wilting, the washing machine breaks, it is imperative that we do not over-analyze and drive ourselves crazy.

Don't go looking for signs! Let it happen!

We do not go looking for signs, but we let them happen and we notice what we notice.

Is it one kitchen gadget that broke because it's old or is it a couple that make you question your sanity? Is it a ladybug that lands on your lap outside or do four ladybugs appear at random in your 2nd floor Apartement in the city? Have you gotten a random flash - a vision - that you dismiss as nothing or does the same message come back in different forms?

Ask, and you will be given! To receive answers we must first ask the question, but don't ask stupid questions like, "Will I be Rich?" or "How can I make money?" or "Will I find a husband?"

You won't get answers to those questions, because everything is relative. Richness has a different meaning for someone poor or someone greedy. In essence there is no need for us to have five houses and millions bucks in the bank. For what? This kind of provision is irrelevant to the Universe. Think about what's necessary and unnecessary.

Another question is, "How can I make quick money?" That's easy. Take a piece of paper and turn it into money, draw a Dollar note. LOL! Are you getting the drift? Because the Universe does indeed have a sense of humor and will teach us lessons along the way. You may find a husband, but what if you're sent someone else's husband? What would you do then? In the end you got what you wanted, right?

Stay humble.


Take a walk, it doesn't matter where and take note of the things that you notice. Is something on your mind that you have been wanting an answer for? On the other hand you can just let your mind flow. Often when we start walking with the intention of clearing our mind, random thoughts and memories start to happen faster and faster. That's because whilst we are walking our energy flow is speeding up too. Our personal energy field, our aura, is starting to buzz, things are starting to flow, but it is also at this point that we are more open and we become more intuitive when we start walking.

Whilst we walk, random outside events will grab our attention. It might be a window dressing, a car or bus driving by, someone's t-shirt we notice, a smell we smell or noises that we hear in the background, some flowers, a tree or a person passing us throwing a random smile and before we know it, something random can hit us like an intuitive outsider thought or a vision or a knowing, because we were relaxed and we weren't forcing anything. It grabbed our attention spontaneously and randomly.

Take a walk every day and keep changing the location. It can be through your neighborhood, the forest, the countryside, by the sea or window shopping in the city. Everything matters.

Pay attention and notice what you notice.