What If You Could Have A Peek Into Bitcoin's Future? Well, You Can With Future Life Progression

Updated: Mar 25

Have a peek into the future of Bitcoin and the crypto market with Future Life Progression mediation

Follow this guided visual non-nonsense process via this video and see for yourself what the future holds for #Bitcoin and the #crypto market

This is something very very exciting that we have created for our Patreon members and this is now available for FREE on here!


I don't know if I have told you this, but I am also a Future Life Progressionist.

What Does This Mean?

This means that through a light hypnotherapy, guided meditation or even a kind of day-dreaming, we can be progressed into the future.

I'm a natural born day-dreamer and in the past I've found that many things that I day-dreamed about, have eventually come to fruition. It's the

#lawofattraction at play without effort.

I have also noticed that I don't focus or follow a closed-eyed meditation very well. I get distracted by thoughts. In fact, my mind seems to wander off more if I have nothing to focus on and hence I have created a different type of focused meditation. But, I'm also a no nonsense kind of creature, I like to get straight in there.

We are aiming to help you develop your intuition to make better calls in life and to be able to open up your heart.

Especially in trading and the crypto world it will be beneficial to have some trading expertise, be able to get insights into the future, but most certainly to make calls based on your gut feeling, your intuition.

These exercises will help you to get to know your intuition better.

What is Future Life Progression?

In a focused state of light hypnosis, a naturally occurring state, similar to daydreaming, you can explore your most probable future, the one that will happen if you stay on the same path that you are on now. This enables you to recognize any adjustments or changes you need to make in order to ensure that you achieve success and happiness in your life.

What can we achieve with a Future Life Progression?

Basically anything. We can progress far into the future as far as one, two, five, ten, twenty or even fifty years ahead in time! It gets even more WOO WOO, we can even progress into our next future life!

How can we benefit from a Future Life Progression?

In a progression we can jump ahead in time and view our own life by getting insights via images, snippets of pictures, video clips, symbolic insights or simply intuitive thoughts which show us the life we will be living ahead in the future.

It can show us the situation we will be in, our state of health, our achievements or maybe what we didn't achieve. It can show us if we're happy, and we can jump into the future to look back and help us improve and accelerate our current path.

It gets even better, we can ask questions and look for answers. We can use it for looking at business and market trends, any health related questions can help us pick the right or better treatment. We can look at our financial situation and see if there is anything that we haven't done or could have done better or what we need to change. We can look at our career path and look for solutions if we are looking for a career change. We can see ahead in time who our partner will be or how we can improve our relationships.

We can even look at countries or continents twenty or fifty years ahead to see what has changed between now and then, the weather conditions or if countries have changed in structure.

We can do absolutely anything! And the best part is, that you can see this for yourself.

Who uses Future Life Progression?

Absolutely anybody. Private individuals who are need of answers, but this method, because it is not too WOO WOO for the cynics, has caught on with many business professionals who can discover market trends or even profitable investments or look at areas their business is lacking attention.

Why would I use Future Life Progression instead of a Psychic Or Intuitive?

The information that we tend to get ourselves, is 100% accurate. It is the purest form of receiving data without any interference. It is the best and most reliable form or intuitive data and insights.

Secondly, once we have seen it ourselves, the subconscious is able to grasp it and store this as our subconscious goal. The place we want to get to and accelerate its arrival.

We will always be shown the best case scenario and if we see something we don't like, we can look for answers or ways to prevent going down the wrong path.

Additionally, once we have actually seen it, this path or those goals will be accelerated and they will often appear sooner rather than later. By grasping our goals and by seeing ourselves what is possible, we accelerate and magnetize the future faster through the law of attraction.

What if I see something bad or I don't want to see?

Naturally, we will only be shown warning signals or anything unpleasant if we can do something about it. If we can discover a solution to the problem. This will help to speed up an issue that is already present or in the immediate future, but has been building up for some time.

The beauty of these progressions is that we can use this to avoid pitfalls, recognize blockages or problems or see what we need to change and how we can change it.

This method is a solution orientated method. You see for yourself by tapping into your future and you can communicate and find the solutions ahead of time by quantum jumping ahead and looking back into the past from the future.

This can be used on our personal or business life.

As for seeing the things we don't want to see: you have to understand that your intuition is here to protect you and so are your Spirit Guides. It would not be valuable or beneficial for your journey to show a loved one passing away or a traumatic experience.

Your intuition knows that it would only result in fear, anxiety and worries and that is not the purpose of these sessions and would not help you moving forward. They are purely here to help and to show your best probable future.

You will not be diving deep into the past to re-experience any past painful situations.

You will merely get glimpses and watch from an outsider's point of view, like a movie.

Can we use this on #Bitcoin and #cryptocurrencies?

Yes, absolutely!

This method works on anything and anybody! And it does work! We can look at Bitcoin, the market, upcoming news, trends, etc. and this is exactly what I have tailored this Future Life Progression to, specifically for our Patreon group.

Your future:

The results have been truly amazing, in particular when we see our future not the way we expected. Or, to watch it unfold different than we anticipated. But, just because we are not necessarily seeing what we expected, doesn't mean that what we see is not a helluva lot better :-)

I did this on an ex colleague and to her surprise, looking five years into the future, she was expecting to have a career and to have her own business. However, what she saw instead was that she would be pregnant and at home.

She was so surprised at the session because she had always been adamant about her career and setting up her business. But, the most important thing is - she was happy in her future!!

What do I need to do?

The good news is that you don't have to visit me in London :-) and nor do I have to come and visit you! We don't have to do this over Skype either (it works perfectly on clients over Skype or facetime).

Find a quiet and comfortable space. It can be at your desk or if you're sitting on a park bench with your headphones. It can be anywhere. I just need you to focus and follow the instructions. Go with the flow!

There is no real secret other than to follow the meditation and let your mind go. Be open to expect anything. It can be flashes of insights in a sequence, but once you are there you can dig deeper and ask questions. Absorb your environment and see what and who is there with you. Where are you at, what have been the highlights and what can you do to avoid hindrances.


Future Life Progressions can be costly as they are viewed as a full hypnotherapy session, but with this video you can repeat the session as many times as you like, as and when you feel like it!

You don't need to close your eyes or worry about anything, just follow the instructions on the video and have a notepad ready to take notes. You can stop the video as and when you like and also repeat as many times as you like.

There really is no prerequisite. This method works on anybody and for anything.

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