What's In Store For Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency By Psychic Medium Clare

Updated: Feb 20

Last year we posted crypto predictions on Patreon for our loyal Patreon followers and crypto enthusiasts!

It may sound odd to the cynics, to have a Psychic Medium look into cryptocurrencies, but, there really is nothing odd about it.

In fact, some of the most astute and successful Business man use these gifted individuals to have a deeper look into business areas that might be lacking attention, to find the cause of issues that no one has looked at, to predict future market trends or what a business is lacking that has been overlooked.

If you are new to the idea of a very gifted individual then follow the link below!

A bit about Psychic Medium Clare and how she works:

Many of you will remember that in February of this year we posted the following, "What I can tell you guys is that mid March to mid April feels like a weight being lifted and positive news starts to filter through" - as you know, the crypto market and mainly Bitcoin, finally got the long awaited push up that we so badly needed!

More than anything, we needed to see a light at the end of the dark tunnel that many of us had been stuck in, the anxiety and worry if Bitcoin and cryptos will go up, if ever. Or, had the bubble already burst and we missed the boat?

If you have had a reading with Clare previously, than you will know that Clare is very down to earth, there is no shimmer or glimmer to big up what is not there and having known her for over six years, and many readings later, I can confirm, that her predictions, will indeed come to fruition.

On 9th November we posted this about Bitcoin and since then, Bitcoin dropped by over $2300. This is obviously nothing unusual, but, this time around there was an anticipation that Bitcoin would go up instead of down by many other Psychics. However, this is what Clare tuned in to:

"I just looked at the Bitcoin logo and for the first time ever I have felt uneasy! Anxiety in my chest. Something around Bitcoin, a drop, that will scare the living daylights out of everyone. It will recover, but initially it will cause unease. It's a significant drop, but in a grand scheme - it will be worth money. I think it's going to cause a wave of worry and might create chaos. It will cause a shock wave where things will drop, but one coin will hold its ground, like a Phoenix from the Ashes. I just don't know which one, yet. Bitcoin will rectify though. It feels like a tsunami - I see it drawing back, then flooding back in. I see decorations so I think around Christmas. Money is going to be pulled out".

I spoke to Clare the other day, and although we have had the drop, it doesn't feel like this drop has created the chaos...yet, that she mentioned above. It doesn't feel like we are quite there yet.

Why Use A Psychic For Cryptos?

​It's simple! A Psychic has the ability to look behind the scenes of how a company is doing or will be doing in the future. What is the team like? The Management? Do they have the investment they say they have? Has the team got it in them to be successful? Is it a scam? Will the crypto go up in value?


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