Will Bitcoin And The Crypto Market Ever Recover? An Insight By Psychic Medium Clare

Updated: Feb 19

We thought we would post this little nugget out here in public from our paid Patreon channel for you:

Over the last year we posted many predictions on Patreon, until we decided to close the channel for a while. Things were busy, we couldn't keep up with posts, but there was also an underlying current, an undercurrent around Bitcoin and cryptos, that didn't feel like anything would happen soon.

I followed quite a few other crypto Psychics, Remote Viewers and Astrologers to get an insight into the crypto market, but mainly to compare notes.

Every Psychic reads different and has a range of gifts to varying strengths, hence, it is beneficial to cover all angles.

If you have followed us previously, you will know that whilst other Psychics are themselves invested in cryptos, Clare was advised by her spirit guides not to invest herself, as this might influence her objective view with 'wants', 'needs', etc. You may be aware that money or wanting and needing money can influence our investment decisions negatively by acting out of needs or frustration.

Our method of working together has not changed. Clare has no interest or knowledge of the crypto market. I will send her logos/images of the coins, without the name and she tunes into the image and feeds back what she is being shown. After the prediction I feed back to her what other Psychics have predicted on certain coins and the market, and, I can honestly and genuinely say that it is very much in tune with others

We have always stayed clear of timing predictions and numbers. We do not believe that they are reliable and those predictions by other Psychics have caused nothing but frustration and crypto-heartbreaks. See our previous post here:

We could feel the frustration and obsession around the crypto market. A myriad of predictions had been made by many Psychics giving clear timelines and $$$ numbers, but none of these came to fruition. This does not mean that those predictions were wrong, it just means that the timing is off and that's OK! There is nothing wrong with that. However, we have to consider that there are people out there who cling on to every word.

Good News Sells!

The only issue that does occur, is that, no matter how many times we flag it up and reiterate not to rely on timings, it seems to get ignored. 

The end of the day our EGO has a tendency to beautify that, which we want to hear or NEED to hear, for various reasons. However, do not invest money that you need right now or equally, which you cannot afford to lose. This is common sense, seeing that we are in a very uncertain and volatile market.

Regardless, last year Psychic Medium Clare was quite adamant that she did not see the crypto market move forward until after BREXIT has happened. She doesn't know how or why, but nothing has changed since then.

We have started with predictions again (btw our loyal past Patreons have been given a log-in to new predictions for the next six weeks), and whilst she tuned into the Bitcoin logo, she stressed that it's the first time since a long time, she feels worry and anxiety coming up around Bitcoin. 

When we posted our first post on 9th November, we were sure that this was only the beginning of a big drop to come and for the scaremongers to get their claws out to scare and confuse the public.

As you will know, Bitcoin has had a drop recently, but we don't feel that the fear, anxiety and worry she spoke of, is happening right now. We are prepared for a bigger scare.

Should This Scare You?

NO! No, it shouldn't at all.

Cryptos are not going away. They are still the future. Clare has never felt anything other than BREXIT being a big part, a major reason, why the market hasn't moved yet. By the way, it is irrelevant what the BREXIT deal will be. It just needs to be over and done with, to eliminate uncertainty and for everyone to be able to plan for the future. This is, she feels, the delay in the crypto market. After that, it will go up.

Many coins will disappear off the market. Therefore, be vigilant, research your coins and watch out for scams.

Bitcoin recovered for a little and gave us all hope that it's not dead (something Clare had predicted as well) and that there is merely a delay.

We would like nothing more than to be wrong about the timing! We'll see...

Stay positive.

Crypto Hugs

Sandra & Clare