Will We All Become Crypto Millionaires? Wouldn't It Be Great!?

Updated: Feb 19

A Bit Of Background

A couple of years ago Psychic Medium Clare and I decided to group up and venture out into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as in: banging out psychic insights on cryptocurrencies. Not investing (although I did!), but having seen other Psychics being successful at it, I asked Clare if she wanted to give it a go. She said, "Sure I can, but what do I know about cryptos? Lol!" Turns out she didn't need to have any prior knowledge anyway.

I began to send her images or logos of certain cryptos without giving her any information, background, charts or even the name. Clare tuned in, gave her insights and that was it.

Other Psychics were doing it and the predictions were amazing! Although, theirs included figures and numbers, ours didn't so much. Everyone was in a euphoric state expecting to become a crypto Millionaire - SOON!

The only problem was that Clare, who has proven to be an excellent Psychic Medium over the years, did not see the crypto market unfold that soon!

One afternoon back then, Clare was hoovering the carpet at home, when she felt a Spirit around her and she was receiving info that someone who was heavily invested in cryptos was having thoughts of ending their life. Yes! They had been expecting a 'quick' return and were feeling that they let themselves and their family down.

We posted a message immediately and asked our members to come forward privately. Two members felt it was about them and got in touch with Clare. It was a very scary experience! And, scared the **it out of me, both of us!

Lost In Translation

It is not a Psychic's or Medium's fault that people may act on insights and predictions or have faith and hope, but part of the problems that we encountered were that there wasn't sufficient coaching, explaining, guiding or teaching around the way predictions, timelines, numbers, etc. work, and how they should be perceived and acted upon. Just as there is no regulation in the crypto world and there is none in the Psychic world.

There is no Psychic or Medium who gets it 100% right, as there is nobody in the world who is perfect at their job every single day, unless you are a Narcissist of course. LOL!!! We have good and bad days. Better and worse days. Colleagues or clients who we either connect or not connect with. Such is life.

The problem with predicting timelines, numbers and cryptos is, timelines are very different in the Spirit world and hence, most Psychics or Mediums will agree or have agreed that they are not to be relied upon. We have always made it clear that if anybody invested money, not to expect imminent or quick returns unless you are looking to make a few bucks here and there

Spirit are no day-traders and there is no money in the Spirit world. It doesn't exist. It's not important. Of course, psychic insights can happen in the form of numbers or $$$ predictions. This is something which Clare is currently working or looking to perfect, but we haven't posted any yet because we are worried that people will invest based on that and lose money.

As Clare has previously said, if Spirit wanted us to get rich quick, they would cut out the middle man and give us the lottery numbers now. It's only SIX numbers - only!! Yet, no Psychic has ever been given the lottery numbers.

It's just food for thought, but based on experience and facts, we have to be careful what we believe in until such facts have proven to be predominantly correct, at least 70% of the time to become profitable.

So far, there is only one woman that I have heard of who has psychically been able to consistently get the exact numbers. Don't get me wrong, Clare does get some numbers, but to get all numbers right all the time, they have to be either the exact number or very very very close to it.

In his book 'Intuition', OSHO the spiritual guru, tells the story of Albert Einstein and the Indian woman Shakuntala, the woman who conquered the world of numbers.

OSHO writes that she received a certificate from Einstein, a mathematician who was baffled by her gift. Skakuntala was called the human computer, but, it was anything than computerised and merely intuition as he called it.

In her certificate from Einstein it says: "I asked this woman a question that I take three hours to solve because I have to follow a whole method; I cannot just jump from the question to the answer. I know that nobody can do it in less time than I can, and that is three hours. Others may take even six hours or more, but I can do it in three hours because I have done it before. But the whole procedure has to be followed. If you miss a single step..."

The figures were so big that it took the whole board for her to write the answer. And before Einstein had even finished the question, she had started writing the answer.

He was puzzled, absolutely puzzled, because it was impossible. He asked, "How do you do it?"

She said, "I don't know how I do it - it simply happens. You ask me and figures start appearing before my eyes, somewhere inside. I can see 1, 2, 3, and I just go on writing."

This woman, OSHO claims, was born with her intuition functioning.

"I am a ‘one-in-a-billion’ case," she said of herself. She could retain and resolve complex calculations in a jiffy, for which her name was entered in the 1995 Guinness Book of Records, after she demonstrated the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers, picked at random by the Computer Department of Imperial College, London. She answered it correctly in 28 seconds flat!

This is a bit of food for thought.

Will We All Become Millionaires?

Since the age of nine years old I lived with my mum and my stepdad after my parents got divorced. To cut a long story short, I grew up with someone who thought and believed he would win the lottery and become a Millionaire. I can't even remember how many times I heard from him, "I know it, I can feel it, I'm going to win, I'm going to be a Millionaire, I can feel it, I know it's gonna happen next time!!!!"

He didn't win the lottery. He didn't become a Millionaire. Instead, he died of lung cancer before he was sixty years old. And I don't write this lightheartedly.

I now know that I have a good intuition, I can spot bullshit, I can even spot my own bullshit or figure out what I perceive to be the truth more often than not. But, I didn't know this as a child. I didn't know I had this inbuilt radar. What I did know though was that my stepdad would never become a Millionaire or win the lottery. I knew it, I felt it.

The most important lesson though is, that he, bless him, was very settled in his way. He hated travelling, he didn't enjoy summer holidays or travelling to sunny spots, he didn't really go out much. He wanted to stay at home, in the house that he lived in, sit in the garden, spend time with my mum and his kids and that was it.

So what would he have done with those Millions that he wanted so badly?!

The point was never about becoming a Millionaire, but about his journey, which, would have been no different anyway. He wouldn't have changed anything. Although, Clare has communicated with him, so I will ask her next time around. So, did he have a million things around him that he loved anyway?

How Should We Interpret 'Millions'?

Whilst having seen many types of crypto and coin predictions being thrown around, we have been churning over and over and been trying to make sense of the high numbers and figures. Not to find fault, but to come to a conclusion and a general consensus which would complement Clare's psychic insights, but also the info she's been shown by her guides. But, most importantly, to avoid disappointment or another scary situation in which someone misjudges the amount of money they are investing and expecting immediate or high returns.

However, you will see below that I already chewed on this back in 2018 and hence I wrote the post which follows on from Clare's message the other day to our Patrons.

Message from Clare:

I've been thinking about this sudden Millionaire/Billionaire thing today and numbers which seem to be floating around on the internet in general...

The Millionaire status is a bit different in the world of Spirit!

Money isn't important, but what if the people charting Millionaires are correct, but not in the way it is meant to be? Because it is all about perspective.

When I was talking to you guys about a reading I have had myself, where I was being told by another Psychic that I will be working all over the world, me as being a human being, thought: "I am not gonna do a Derek Acorah or however it's spelled and do readings in theaters."

That is not what I'm about, so I put it down to being wrong because I didn't see myself travelling around the world, just not in the way I personally concluded. It was right (the reading) and I was wrong. I am doing readings all over the world, just not travelling around the world.

What if the charts are showing a coin being worth millions, but millions of what? What if a coin was a million cents? Or a friction of a cent? That's if my math is correct it would be $10k?! Right?

There is money to be made in cryptos and this will become a Stock Exchange on it's own right, but it is still very important to remember it is in the early stages, it's early days.

Yes, you can make money, but it is going to be in smaller increments, on smaller scales that will lead up to bigger volume and not the high margins that people are talking about. 

And again, and again, and again - Spirit is about guidance, they know we need the money to live, but life isn't about money. Spirit are not about money and Spirit are not about greed. Why have I always repeatedly been told by Spirit not to invest in cryptos? If you plonked one Million Dollars in my bank, I would quit my job, I wouldn't be doing readings. I would be travelling...which would take me off my path.

"I've always had the idea that a multi-millionaire rock stars would work harder than anyone, because they have the ability to do it. Look at an artist like Andy Warhol. He never stopped working, even after he didn't need to work again." 
Buzz Ozborne

Millions And How We Can Best Benefit From The Law Of Attraction

Something wasn't sitting right back in 2018, never mind now, with all these high numbered predictions being thrown out there by traders, investors and alike.

27th November, 2018

"If you have been tuning in to the same people as I have over the recent months, then you will have come across the notion that various people have apparently been told by Psychics that they will become Millionaires by a certain 'time'.

That may be the case, but, I have recently mentioned, that the Universe also does have a glorious sense of humor and that we need to be very very careful what we wish for. Becoming a Millionaire is easy, but, being a Millionaire that is also happy dappy, passionate and content is not so easy. If you aren't those things now, you won't be with a Million Dollars in your bank account either. 

Never mind taking into consideration that timelines don't exactly work, I would be careful and not forget that the road there, might be a bit longer-winded than anticipated. However, if the predictions come true, we should all see, at the least, a nice financial reward in the shorter-term.

So, are you thinking and feeling like a Crypto-Millonaire now?

The Universe has a tendency to talk cryptic and symbolically. I'm guessing that a few of you have accumulated a certain amount of coins and hopefully stocked up on those coins which cost little, but, will hopefully bring a decent return. And, if so, then, this means that you will or might have coins in the hundred of thousands? Right? In fact, some of you might have coins in the Millions?

I hope you see what I'm getting at? In fact, a few of you might already be Crypto-Millionaires right now!

However, are you thinking, feeling and believing like a Crypto-Millonaire? Are you satisfied with what you got? Or are you planning on exchanging cryptos into Dollars and are feeling dissatisfied?

You see, we have to be careful what we wish for!

If you have Millions of cryptocurreny coins, but, are thinking and feeling 'poverty' right now, then you are not giving out the right message to the Universe. All of these thoughts, feelings and beliefs, influence our frequency, our vibration and what we are giving out. What we blast out energetically, we naturally attract back and if we already have accumulated a Million in cryptos, but are acting out poverty, a lack or even a loss...then, this can work against us.

How? By being ungrateful, needy, greedy and overshadowing intuition, which can result in making the wrong choices. Additionally, euphoria, hype and a false sense of reality or unrealistic outcome can lead us on the wrong path and what we've been told or hoping for may never happen. At the least, not the way we expected it.

We might make the money, but are you a good Money Manager?

There are endless stories of people who won the lottery, but lost all. The Universe has a funny way of teaching us what we need to know, so, please keep working on yourself. Work on your abundance blocks, negative self-beliefs, be grateful, value everything and never forget that you as a person or any human life is more valuable than any money or crypto in the world. 

If we are already a Crypto Millionaire, but are acting out our poverty-shadow, become needy and more greedy, the Universe might just teach us a lesson, because money is also part of our spiritual journey and I'm having a hard time believing that we will get there in a flash simply because we've been told some numbers.

Don't contradict yourself and take it for granted. The journey does not stop once we have acquired financial gain. It is just another new beginning. Making money, managing money and keeping money are very different things. We still gotta live life and follow our path, our journey. 

When I wrote my book Money, Intuition & The Law of Attraction, I wrote about digital currency. I asked my reader to get away from trying to attract physical Dollar notes, it seemed to difficult. I mentioned that it's much easier to visualise a number on a screen, as in money in an online bank account.

At the time, I had no clue that Bitcoin or cryptos existed, but, my intuition led me there or maybe it was channeling. Now look at us. 

Let me tell you a couple of stories about the effectiveness of the law of attraction.

If you have heard of a Vision Board then you might know what I'm talking about. It's a board on which we stick images, words or drawings of all the things that we want to achieve and attract into our life. It's a message to the Universe, which we support by thinking, feeling or speaking and believing in support of the final outcome, the image on the board.

One area was my love life. So, I went onto the internet and I found an image online of a tall, dark, handsome man. Cliche, I know :-) LOL! It must have been an image of a model, but, regardless, I thought it would be best to go with this as an 'example' for the Universe.

A few months later my friends enticed me to try online dating. To be fair, it's never been my thing, online, but I thought I'd at least try it once so I uploaded my profile. Long and behold, a few men got in touch and after a few weeks, one day I received a message from a man who had the exact same picture, YES, THAT picture of the model as his profile picture. Gobsmacked!

Now, what are the chances of that happening? I didn't respond, because I was fully aware that someone had done exactly what I had done, used a  random picture. The Universe matched us. We hadn't heard of being catfished back then. It was all new to us. But, I hope you can see what I'm getting at? The Universe does have a sense of humor so be careful what you wish for...or you might just get it.

Now, take this info and apply it to $$$s, numbers, cryptos and predictions...

I know that most of you lovely, intelligent people are already crypto-Millionaires! Just as I am! But, we need to be aware of the pitfalls and what we are really thinking, feeling and what our frequency, the good and the bad, is blasting out there.

The Universe will match our thoughts, feelings and vibrations and play them back to us through outside events, like a theater play

Here is one of my favourite stories.

Many years ago I was living in a lovely shared 2-bedroom flat with a garden in London. Every single day on my way to and from work, I passed a building by a tube stop (over ground), which advertised new luxurious Apartements with a swimmming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna and 24-hour security.


Each time the tube stopped at this particular tube stop, I was daydreaming of living there. I day-dreamed this for seven years. However, my thinking mind kept telling me that this was a stupid dream, because I would never be able to afford or buy an Apartement in that block. So, I kept daydreaming...

After seven years of living in my 2-bedroom Apartement, I got an intuitive feeling that it was time to move on. Things didn't go according to plan, I was tired and I wanted to shed the responsibility, move on and live somewhere new. I was excited about a new adventure.

I handed in my notice to the landlady who absolutely adored me and was quite upset I was leaving. But, something was nagging me and told me to go.

Without knowing where to live at that point, I handed in my notice first , took a risk and then started to look for a new place. I had no clue where I was going, but I knew intuitively this was the right thing to do.

A few days later, I responded to an Ad which, to be honest, sounded too good to be true. I arranged an appointment for a viewing and guess where I ended up? YES! In THAT Apartement block. Not only that, but, although there was lots of competition, the two ladies living there wanted 'me' in particular to move in.

The Universe had done its job, but I had to take action and trust my intuition to get me to my goal. That is how it works.

Listen to this though, the minute I got the offer, my Shadow-mind kicked in and I had doubts about moving in. It was a small room, I had a lot of stuff, I suddenly couldn't see how I would possibly live there with all my things. I was resistant, so, luckily those two ladies did a very good job of convincing me and I lived there happily ever after for many years.

The moral of the story is, no matter how unachievable the goal seems for us, if the Universe wants to give it to us, it will most likely come in a very unexpected way. So, don't worry how you will get there, but stay positive with your goal in mind. As Clare continues to inform us, if Spirit wants us to be rich, we will be!

Intuition is key in getting to our goal. It is our intuition, our choices, our courage and our path AND our actions, which take us there or not. You see, if I hadn't decided to move out first - and trust my intuition - I would not have gotten there.

And, lastly, even when we get there, resistance can show up and the Shadow-mind flares up as soon as we have reached our goal. Then, a new path, a new journey starts with new choices and challenges to face.


The same scheme can be applied to wanting to be a Crypto-Millionaire.

We can provide predictions, but, it is your journey, your path, your choices, your life and your intuition you must ultimately use for your benefit.

Open Your Mind And See Opportunities

Cryptos weren't put on our path just for investing. The area of cryptos, in general, will bring us many job and career opportunities to BECOME Millionaires by perfecting and broadening our gifts and skills and providing this service to others and turn it into profitable businesses.

We are here now to fine tune our intuition, to experience the ups and downs, the winning and losing, the euphoria and the disappointments, the hacking, the mistakes of transferring cryptos, the name it.

All of these, will be invaluable to those who will get into the crypto world as beginners and as laymen. It's also about taking these opportunities and turning them into something valuable and practical for others.

Any of the predictions out there may be correct, but maybe just not in the way we anticipate or hope for or within the given timeline. They may be correct, but we don't know this yet, because it hasn't happened yet. Not for us, not for anybody. But, as long as we stay grounded, help and protect each other, especially those who don't know better or will make the same mistakes that we have made, then, we have all done our ultimate and most important job right! And that's not to become a Millionaire, but help elevate each other and those who need a bit more depth and understanding. Protecting and safety is just as important as allowing ourselves to get swept away by excitement and hope!

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