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Vibes & Visions are back!

We are back and this time for good and more committed than ever.


We started our Patreon channel back in 2018 wanting to help the general public get deeper insights into Bitcoin in cryptocurrencies. After the 2017 market hype, which was followed by a crash, the general consensus was that Bitcoin and with it many of the alt coins would soon rise and reach a new all-time-high!


This resulted in a lot of spontaneous investments, hoping for a quick and imminent financial return. The only problem was, Psychic Medium Clare, who has an excellent track record of providing psychic insights as well as mediumship, saw it differently. Clare did not see the market recover that quickly and nor did she see the altcoins making that jump or 'going to the moon', as many like to call it. With the market looking doom and gloom, we decided to take a break from our Patreon channel, because it did not seem ethical to be making false promises.


Things are different now! And we are back...

After a busy and tedious period last year we decided to close our page. Many of you will know that we posted blogs on intuition, money and also crypto and market predictions by our very gifted Psychic Medium Clare.

A few of those have come to fruition and after having had to wait for a long time market-wise, we feel that things will perk up eventually - and we will be rewarded for being patient.

Psychic Medium Clare recently exceeded herself recently by predicting the 'Tsunami' like upcoming climate (symbolically), the Bitcoin crash down to $4,000 and how the world and markets would be swept up by fear, anxiety and 'feeling sick'...

We like it short and sweet - we do not post long tedious messages or waffle on for hours, because ultimately the essence of the message is the same, just packaged differently and with a down to earth approach.

For those of you that know us: Sandra & Clare, we have posted many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency predictions with Psychic Medium Clare. All of these posts are still available for to view plus many more to come.

This channel is not just about psychic insights and cryptocurrency predictions, we are big on helping you develop your own intuition because EXPERTISE + INTUITION = SUCCESS!

This is a first, because we have created our very own Future Life Progression guided meditation for our Patrons to have a look ahead into your future and that of Bitcoin!!! See where you are in a year's time:

The proof is in the pudding! You can have a peek here! We are keeping a record of all psychic 'hits' in one post with all past predictions and insights that have come fruition (mostly the Bitcoin & crypto market movement):
Feel free to share. This post is open to the public!

In this post we record all of the more recent Bitcoin predictions for the future:

Additionally you will also be able to download 'Money, Intuition And The Law of Attraction' for free as part of your membership, which sells on Amazon for $9.99 (

It is our aim to turn our posts and insights into readable and easily understandable information, instead of just 'banging' dry insights out, especially with the confusing messages in this volatile market.

Why are we different?

Whilst most Psychics are themselves invested in cryptos, Psychic Medium Clare is not invested in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies or has any knowledge about coins, tokens or the crypto and financial market.

Why Is This A Pro And Not A Con?


When we educate ourselves or acquire knowledge by reading and researching, we automatically take on preconceived opinions or judgments, we use the reasoning or logical mind to make reasonable decisions. This can more than often hinder us from making the right decisions based on intuition.


Psychic Medium Clare does not want to be influenced in any shape or form. This means in essence that she is not influenced through wants, needs, greed and all of those negative attributes which can influence and distort a psychic reading. The insights she receives are pure, without any prior knowledge, involvement or an underlying desire to profit from the insights. There is no personal gain and hence we are able to post genuine pure information as raw material from the spirit world for our benefit.

For a private Psychic Medium Reading with Clare then please follow the instructions here:

Cryptocurrencies that we have covered long-term and which you will get full access to:

BitcoinLitecoinDigiByteReddcoinHYDROEOSBitcoin Black,Tether, Populous, Quantstamp, Tezos, IOST, Chainlink, Dimecoin, USD Coin, Ethereum, Stellar, Electroneum, Pillar, THETA, Tfuel, Canada eCoin, Pundi X, VeChain, Zilliqua, XRP

...and many many more which we keep updating!

You will also join our private Vibes & Visions DISCORD community in which we communicate and share info! This is where we have our own private platform to talk, share and support each other, not just with crypto but for our own personal development! It's a great group.


We have an additional DISCORD community for Psychic Medium Clare which is open to anyone, FREE of charge and it is a no obligation platform. It is simply like-minded people from all over the world sharing and conversing. Join us here:

We are not charging for psychic predictions, but merely to have your support to be able to run this channel and to filter in like minded, conscious supporters who are committed to this exciting change whilst keeping an open mind.


Please note that this is not a 'Get Rich Quick Scheme'!


To get a more in depth insight:


Will we all become Crypto Millionaires? Wouldn't It be great?

This channel is for entertainment purposes only and by signing up you are merely supporting our efforts and contribution. We are not financial or trading advisors and we would never tell you how or where to invest. Please trade carefully and only what you can afford to lose. 

Sandra & Clare

Please note that we do not charge for predictions, but for the time that we invest in this channel and our Discord group. As a member you will always find out about our insights first! 

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