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Hey All!

About me...

How this came about!

I don't know about you, but many of the subjects that catch my eye are usually not covered

in Lifestyle blogs, much talked about or I find that I need to go to specific sources to get specific information.


Intuition is massively undervalued, yet, in my opinion the most valuable gift that we have - and it's free!

What we are generally not taught, unless we make a concerted effort, is that intuition, like everything else, needs to be nurtured.

It is a specific symbolic language which is tailored to us individually. It communicates with us via a number of senses and different channels. Often, we are not even aware how our intuition communicates with us or we don't listen or don't pay any attention to it. 

Intuition and psychic ability has always fascinated me and I have wrecked my brain for years over this innate and inbuilt, personal phenomenon.

Not enough attention and emphasis is put into the area of intuition, which, I believe, is the most important and invaluable tool that any human being could possess. 

Intuition is a multi-faceted, diverse multi-tasker that can be applied in absolutely any area that you can possibly think of. It is an undervalued, often misunderstood and still a mysterious phenomenon. It is our inbuilt intangible genius.


Intuition or psychic ability is the ultimate tool, used by the medical profession, business professionals or it can be lifesaver in personal circumstances. In my experience, we use intuition more than we think we do. We have a tendency to resign intuitive hits as a coincidence or we might file it under a 'coincidence' of sorts.

Intuition is actually used in every area of our lives. Every single day, yet, we hardly see this as headline news, ever, or find it as a much talked about subject in the media. 


It should be getting a lot more attention!

We should be taught about intuition in school, make it a University curriculum and it should most certainly be nurtured in business life.

There is still so much to learn for all of us.

I hope you will enjoy this site!